Recover Facebook Account Without Email | Facebook Recover An Account

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Recover Facebook Account Without Email


  • Now I will be giving just the simplest way to recover Facebook account if you have forgotten password to your Facebook account. 

  • Logon to Facebook Login Page 

  • Now on Facebook Sign In page click on on “Forgot your password”. 

  • Thereafter Facebook login and password reset page will appear. 

  • Choose your preferred means of retrieving you Facebook Account: either through email, Yahoo account or Phone number. 

  • Meanwhile, for the purpose of this tutorial I will be using the Facebook account recover using Yahoo account. Note that each option is similar to each other. 

  • If you click on “Use my Yahoo account” and then click on Continue, open your email inbox to receive your confirmation code. 

  • Enter the code appropriately on the specified space and click on continue. 

  • Proceed to create a strong password which should only be known to you. 

  • Thereafter, click on “Continue” and you Facebook Recover an account process is complete.


  • Logon to Facebook Login Page. 

  • Now enter email address or or Phone numb er of the field specified for it. 

  • There on the screen you will see a link indicating that you had forget your password. 

  • Click on “Forget Password”. 

  • Thereafter, enter your username, email or Mobile Phone number to identify your Facebook account. 

  • At this point you will click on “No longer access to these” to proceed to next page.
  • Now enter a valid email address to get it registered accordingly. 

  • Then having being don you will now have all your security questions answered correctly. 

  • Thereafter, if your answers were correct your Facebook recover an account without email is completed.