How to Create A New Facebook Account - Sign Up & Sign In Facebook

Facebook sign up or Facebook Registration is the term used in describing how to create a Facebook Account. In this article, I will be showing how I open/create my first Facebook Account within few minutes, even when I had no knowledge of how it works.

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I will also ensure to show you additional process involved through which you can proceed to Facebook login page. Today is really a good day, so lets get it started..

Facebook Sign Up

I don't know if you know that Facebook is the most popular online social network portal that helps family and friends and business partners to share ideas, bargain, connect, etc. But you cannot achieve all these except and unless you create Facebook account free which could be done by following these simple steps.

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Facebook does more than just serving as a platform where only friends and family meet to chat, share videos or pictures and son. Facebook is now recognized Internationally as a platform where big companies and Small Scale Business goes to in order to advertise their products and services. Facebook is also very effective in terms of  entertainment including games and what have you. In order to be a partaker, you only need a facebook account like me (McDoglaz Efet). I am already enjoying the above privileges, I now own my own Facebook Page. All you need is to sign up Facebook account first which am going to make it as easy as possible for you to create Facebook account

Statistics has it that Facebook always have over 1.18 billion monthly active users. You too can be a user too. Facebook has great features for instance, Facebook allows user to make free video call both in mobile phones and on laptop computers.

Once you are done with Facebook registration, you will be logged in Automataically, but you still need to remember your Facebook password for next Facebook login. You can start connecting with family and friends by typing their names in Facebook search box.

Facebook Sign up / Facebook Registration

Facebook Login
Note: Facebook free sign up is the act of creating Facebook account free which you are about to do by following the simple steps bellow.

  • Visit
  • On the Facebook Sign up form or page, which looks like this.
  • Fill in the appropriate and correct information that is require of you and remember to put a valid email address or phone number and click sign up to create account.

Facebook Login/Facebook Signin

  • Visit
  • Enter your Email or Phone number and password and click log in. 
  • You can also recover your password if you lost it by clicking forgot password and you will be taken to a place where you will reset your password.

If you ever get stuck on Facebook Sign Up / Facebook Login | Facebook Registration @, feel free to use the comment box below to reach us.

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