#Dakkada Transformation/Revival Spirit in Akwa Ibom

#DAKKADA revival spirit is about to hit the Land of Promise (Akwa Ibom State). Read the excerpt from Ibom Mobile below:.........................................

To all indigenes of Akwa Ibom State, 23 September, 2015 will be the state’s 28th anniversary. It is supposed to be a day of celebration, as it has always been.
But this year, there will be no celebration in the manner of clinging glasses and eating the local delicacy “edikang-ikong, efere editan, efere etidot, efere etighi, efere abak atama, efere afang” in Government House.

All roads will, rather, lead to the Godswill Akpabio International Stadium, Uyo, where the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel, will lead his people into a solemn extremely religious ceremony for “the revival and re-creation of the state”, according to the State Commissioner for Information and Communication, Mr. Aniekan Umanah.

Tagged “Dakkada”, in the local parlance meaning ‘arise’, the event will be the grand finale of this year’s anniversary. Other events scheduled to take place as part of the anniversary are ground breaking ceremonies for two industries – for the production of concrete and electricity meters; the traditional swearing-in of the new Chairman of the State Council of Chiefs and an Anniversary Thanksgiving Service.


Dakkada”, according to Umanah, is at the core of the objectives of the State Governor to see through his five point agenda. The five point agenda are: job creation; poverty alleviation; wealth creation; economic and political inclusion and infrastructural consolidation and expansion.

“Dakkada” is a clarion call aimed at galvanizing the immense human resource potential of the State to drive the further development of the state to greater enviable height”, Umanah said.

“It is also about motivating and transforming the mind of the average Akwa Ibom son and daughter to become a world class performer and to make them progress from belief to action, by standing up and competing to win”, he added.
Speaking further, Umanah said it is about arising to greatness; having faith in God that all things are possible; exchewing cleavages like ethnicity, reliogion and gender; and bonding together in unity.
“It is also about rising to chart a new course in development; rising to task our creativity; rising to dare so we can do anything we set our minds to do; rising to the faith that Akwa Ibom was created to be great and that greatness is in all of us”

But were Akwa Ibom people always sitting down, literally speaking? Umanah explains: “No. It is because of the changing times. The last administration did a lot in the area of infrastructural development which had a great impact on the social and economic well being of the state of its indigenes. Governor Udom Emmanuel has, therefore, a great task of mobilizing other resources so as to make sure he achieves his five-point agenda for the people. One of the greatest resources we have in the state is human resources. But what quality and mindset does this resource possess. The Governor has found out that the mindset of our human resources is quite different from the one expected of partners in his agenda. Hence, he has decided to work on them through this campaign”.
The Dakkada campaign, is anchored on moral transformation and spiritual re-birth. It is also about re-orientation.
Why? Umanah, again, explains: “morals is at the heart of good behavior. Morals is at the heart of good business endeavour. Morals is at the heart of good citizenry. A re-birth in the spirit will also help get people to rise to greatness”.
According to Umana, the Governor wants to de-politicize growth and achievement in the State. “Gone are the days when politics took over the body and soul of every young man in the state. Governor Udom Emmanuel is passionate about turning the focus of our youths from politics to other productive engagements. He wants to produce more and new Inyangettes, Utuks, Ray Ekpus, Udo Udomas, Ibanga Udo Akpabios, Nsikak Eduoks, Paul Usoros, Etteh Aros, Edet Amanas, Mfon Amanas, Vincent Enyeamas, Mayen Adetibas, Udom Inoyos, Ufot Ekongs, et ce tera. The field is very fertile and in no time we will see our youths rise to greatness”.
Our findings show that the government concept of empowerment of youths has taken a new turn. The State government recently sent 100 youths for a training programme in Oracle Database in the United States of America. Another 1000 is receiving the same training in the State. Another 100 went for a short term training in agricultural mechanization, alongside spiritual pilgrimage in Israel. Similarly, 329 have been earmarked for photography and film production training while over 3,000 women and men benefited from this small and medium scale funds released recently.

The Commissioner said beyond the Dakkada campaign launch, the Anniversary will see the commissioning of projects by the State Governor. The projects include a newly constructed gynecological ward, male ward and children ward at the St. Luke Hospital; the rehabilitated potable water supply headworks for Uyo Urban at Ifa Atai and emergency intervention on gully erosion at the School of Nursing, Anua. The Governor will also flag off the construction of three collapsed bridges and internal roads in Obot Akara; the dualization of Oron-Uyo Road, a federal road.

#Dakkada Transformation/Revival Spirit in Akwa Ibom
Umanah listed other achievements of Governor Udom Emmanuel so far to include the installation of “dead bus” technology which allows Akwa Ibom to be an island of power supply during national grid outages; resuscitation of Peacock Paint; payment of 10 years arrears of pension and gratuity to retired teachers; payment of CONHES consolidated salary structure approved in August 2014, to Nurses, effective 1 June, 2015; renovation of Cornelia Connelly College, Uyo; inauguration of several technical committees viz agricultural and food security, Ibaka Sea Port and Foreign Direct Investment.

Work has also commenced on the construction of the new terminal building and the Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) facilities at the Ibom International Airport. Contracts have also been awarded for the construction of 5km Ikot Usop-Ikot
Edeghe –Ikot Ekpuk road with 30m span bridge in Mkpat Enin, the 5km Mkpok-Okat road in Onna; outfall drain and urban roads in Oron and Uyo outfall drain from Nsikak Eduok/Oron Road to Tropicana Complex.

According to the Governor’s Special Assistant on Youth Matters, Aniefiok Iwaudofia, the Dakkada philosophy is in line with the envisaged new face expected of the Akwa Ibom State youth by Governor Udom Emmanuel.

Iwaudofia said these new faces are: “the face of independence and self-reliance; the face of proactiveness; the face of enterprise and resourcefulness; the face of intelligence and skill; the face of morality and the public spirited face. He further said “these faces are self-explanatory and all the Governor has asked me to do is to make our youths wear these new faces. This is the Dakkada philosophy. We will arise to greatness with the Governor”.

The campaign commences with a walk around town by the youths, the planting of the seeds of belief (in the Dakkada concept); the declaration of the unity creed and lighting of the Dakkado torch by the Governor in the stadium latter in the day

Source: http://ibommobile.com/


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