Did Akpabio Actually Cry?

Did Senator Godswill Akpabio Actually plead with President Muhammed Buhari? Here is the full gist. Read on...

The press conference today by Chief Godswill Obot Akpabio, ex-governor of Akwa Ibom State, a press conference that was both in content and delivery the lamentation of a once almighty politician, is proof positive that we are in interesting times. According to the text of the press conference, now available on many platforms on the Net, Akpabio lamented that INEC officials in Akwa Ibom State, which include Austin Okogie, the state REC, and INEC officials in Rivers and Abia States, are being selectively harassed, arrested and questioned for the roles they played in the last elections in their respective state of assignment.
Masquerading behind the PDP Senate Caucus, Akpabio whined that he “is worried, alarmed and shocked by the recent development in our polity where the Department of State Security is now involved in electoral matters. A situation where officials of independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Rivers State, Akwa Ibom and Abia States – (all PDP states) are daily being arrested, detained and questioned on politically motivated corruption allegations, is worrisome and spells doom for our democracy unless the trend is reversed. INEC is supposed to be an independent commission and its officials ought to be shielded from partisanship.”

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Akpabio excoriated the federal government for the ‘selective’ punishment of INEC officials in Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Abia states by the Department of State Services (DSS) which is directly under the Presidency, while at the same time declaiming support for President Muhammadu Buhari. A typical Godswill Akpabio cant!

Also in a typical Akpabio fashion, he ducked the issue completely in his jeremiad to Nigerians about the change of fortune that has befallen him and his party, the PDP. Yet the issue is simple. Austin Okogie, the Akwa Ibom REC and Akpabio’s Man Friday at INEC is talking to law enforcement about what he knows regarding the destruction of electoral materials and attempts to destroy same, knowing or being expected to know that those materials were pleaded in the ongoing election petition hearing in the state. Okojie is also helping law enforcement to track alleged payoff to procure wrongdoing in the elections for the benefit of his patrons. Law enforcement is asking him to explain how he came by futuristic properties in Benin City.

These are not about electoral matters. They are about issues of crime, and law enforcement has a duty to find out about crimes, who commits them and who benefits from crimes. Now Akpabio is conflating the issues and delivering a sermon on impartiality of INEC and neutrality of the DSS and how INEC officials should be shielded from partisanship. Interesting!

When did Akpabio realise that INEC should be independent and non-partisan and that the DSS should be neutral and should stay off election matters? During the elections, it was an open secret that Akpabio made the state INEC part of Government House Uyo. Where did Austin Okogie write his bogus election results for the PDP? Was it not in Government House Uyo? This was an open secret. Whom did Akpabio use to arrest, detain and humiliate General Edet Akpan on Election Day on trumped up charges? It was the DSS. So why is the fallen emperor crying wolf now? It feels good to see Akapbio cry.

This man made so many people cry in our dear state. His present lot is divine. So the emperor can also cry?
Unlike what Akpabio did during his cursed reign, President Buhari or the APC-led federal government is not involving the DSS in election matters. The DSS is investigating allegations of crimes. That is not involvement in election matters.

Investigating obvious cases of crime is different from what the PDP did in Ekiti, where the security services and law enforcement were procured to plan and execute one of the most audacious rigging projects in the annals of Nigerian elections. It is also different from what Akpabio used the DSS and the Police to perpetrate in Akwa Ibom during the elections, where the state executive used the security services to train and provide cover for Akpabio’s private army to hijack the elections in a hail of bullets and rivers of blood.

This God! He is truly in Heaven above, looking down every moment and seeing all that we do. He saw Akpabio and was bidding his time to strike when the crash and its reverberation will measure near the top on the Richter’s scale.

By Abia Ante