AKS PDP Splits as Key Persons drops Resignation Letter & May Defect to APC

Just got a ping that some key personalities in the state may defect to APC based on the story culled from Killer Punch below.

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 It appears the house of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state, is not in order, as the leadership is said to have vehemently protested against the composition and subsequent inauguration of Local Government Transition Committee across the state.

It was gathered that, the state chairman of the party, Obong Paul Ekpo, during the inauguration of the committee, amidst Senator Anietie Okon and a cleric cum media practitioner from Onna Local Government Area, openly frowned at the refusal of the Executive Governor to recognize his list despite the incriminating role he played towards his emergence as the governor.

AKS PDP Splits as Key Persons drops Resignation Letter & May Defect to APC
The angered state Chairman is said to have queried why his list was short changed for another, while Senator Anietie Etuk pleaded with him to hold his peace noting that, he has already informed the governor on the wanton negligence.

“It was a heated argument, obviously, the state chairman was angry. He was standing with Senator Anietie Okon, while that cleric cum media practitioner from Onna Local Government was cueing behind him. Initially, I didn’t know they were discussing the composition of the transition committee, until Anietie Okon raised his voice and uttered

“Even this pastor is more qualified to be in that list more than those shortlisted; at least we used to see him during campaigns. Unfortunately, those people in the list are so strange to us. I have already called the governor and inform him of the anomalies; very soon, I will have a meeting with him on this matter. It is unfair. He is belittling the effort we put towards his emergence as the governor of the state.

“Paul Ekpo then provoked and wondered why the governor should have disregarded his list despite the role he played towards his emergence’ An Eyewitness revealed.

AKS PDP Splits as Key Persons May Defect to APC
A Government House Source who confided with this reporter revealed that, the state Chairman was indulging in a greedy quest, noting that, the reason why the governor deleted his list was because he wanted his biological brother to be the secretary of the committee in Etinan Local Government Area, so that he can prepare him for the Executive chairmanship position thereafter.

The governor, Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel had recently bluntly informed PDP Leadership and the entire public that, he was too big for a party to pocket him, stressing that, he is the peoples governor not that of PDP Leadership alone.

Meanwhile, in Nsit Ubium local Government Area, Mr. Solomon Ekokoi, a former House of Assembly Aspirant, has resigned from the transition membership position, describing the appointment as a breach of Social contract.

In a statement made available to newsmen, the Ekokoi Mbre Organization portrayed the elevation as an insult on their principal- Mr. Solomon Ekokoi.

Narrating his grievances to this reporter, Mr. Solomon Ekokoi, a legal practitioner said that the list of the Transition Committee did not reflect the gentlemen agreement reached by the PDP leaders in the Area after the State Constituency nomination in which he claimed he was robbed of PDP ticket.

He however attributed the list as a reflection of individual with selfish interest noting that, with his pedigree, he cannot work under such caliber of committee members.

Ekokoi, who also is a lecturer in the Law Department of UNIUYO maintained that, his anger wasn’t directed to the governor, but expressed optimism that, the state Chief Executive was aware of the gentleman agreement he had with the political stakeholders in the area, shortly after he lost the PDP Primary.

The Legal Luminary claimed that, it would have been shameful for him to approach his Vice Chancellor for a leave of absence as a supervisor in a local government transition committee.

“Ekokoi – Ebre Campaign Organization Rejects Nsit Ubium Transition Committee List. We also warn those who are out to humiliate our Principal-Mr. Solomon Ekokoi to detest from such action. We also thank Barr. Solomon for declining the appointment as Supervisor, saying it is an insult on his personality and that of the entire group.

“The appointment is an insult on my personality and my group, after the nomination of House of Assembly where I was robbed, there was a peace agreement that was reached, by the political leaders of the area, and it was agreed that, since the group has been defiled from the PDP Nomination, that anything that comes to the local government by way of appointment or election, would be given to the other group, which is Ekokoi Mbre group. It was based on that agreement that we decided to work for the success of the party in the local government.

“I can assure you that, if that agreement was not reach, there would have been division in the party, and there was fear that most of the members of Ekokoi group will go to APC, and because of the agreement we decided to say that we will work for the peace and success of the party, after we finish the election, this is the way for them to pay me and my supporters.

“The list didn’t emanate from the governor; my name was changed on Sunday night, after some individual retrieved the original list that was in governor’s possession. The original list was supplanted by this one, on Sunday night. The Ekokoi Mbre Group will soon take a decision, we are asking for leadership in the local government area to be redefined; one man cannot be taking decision for everybody.

“The group does not have issues with the governor; it is a pity that certain persons have held themselves out to the governor as the alpha and omega of politics in the local government. But time will tell. Once beaten twice shy.

“I believe the governor is aware of the agreement I had with the leadership of the party. He is the governor of the state. The agreement was not a hidden one. It appears that some person’s personal interests were allowed to have the upper hand in the transition committee list. Please do your independent investigations before you publish and you will know what I am talking about. And check my personal profile and see whether I should have accepted the appointment as Supervisor and do an independent investigation on the person who was appointed Transition Chairman, his affiliation during the election and where his loyalty stands. And then you can reach an objective conclusion.

“In any case, the decision to change the original list was not reached by the stakeholders. There was no meeting at which the decision to draw up a new list was reached. It was only one person who used his selfish interest to do what you have seen. Check my Facebook wall and see my profile then compare with the person who was appointed Transition Chairman and give me your personal opinion.

“I don’t care what they do but they cannot defeat my resolve. There is no way I would have accepted the appointment. Is it with the quality of the leadership? Besides how do I go to my Vice Chancellor and say to her ‘Madam, please give me leave of absence to go and take an appointment as Supervisor in a local government transition committee’? If I was in her shoes and a chap comes to me with such request, I will say he is not fit to be in the Ivory tower in the first place.” he reasoned

Ekokoi was alleged to have been handpicked by the wife of the former governor, Mrs. Unoma Akpabio in order to blur the second term aspiration of Mr. Onofiok Luke.

Meanwhile, some elements in Nsit Ubium Local Government Area have accused Senator Effiong Bob, who is said to be the political leader of the area of superimposing his interest on the generality of the populace.

Mr. Inyang Inyang had queried, “Now, if Effiong Bob did the right thing why is he denying? He knows what he has done and that is why he is trying hard to hide it. Why can’t he own up his actions if what he did is the right thing? He claims to be a leader and he cannot tell the truth, cannot allow his word be his bond. Is that a leader?”

Reacting, Senator Effiong Bob claimed that he was not aware of anomalies in the transition list, claiming that he was not the political leader of Nsit Ubium.

“I am not the political leader of the local government; I am a Senator of the Federal republic, so they should channel their grievances to appropriate quarters” He said

Also, Arc. Joe Archibong has dropped his letter of resignation from the transition committee in Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area, portraying the appointment as belittling and underrating.

It will be recalled that, elders, women, youths and pupils of Ibedu Group of Villages in Nsit Atai Local Government Area, have protested and threatened embarking on diabolic means if the transition list doesn’t reflect justice, fairness and equity.

As it stance, unconfirmed report says that, the aggrieved supporters of Udom Gabriel Emmanuel are heading to APC in readiness for the re-run election, which exist only in the spiritual realm.

The End.

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