Akpabio INEC Nomination Form was Uyo not Ikot Ekpene

APC’s Candidate, Okori says he contested election with nobody because Akpabio contested for Uyo not Ikot Ekpene

Akpabio INEC Nomination Form was Uyo not Ikot Ekpene

Akpabio filled ‪‎INEC‬ form for Uyo Senatorial District in a rush because he single-handedly spearheaded the rigging of all the 3 senatorial districts elections in Akwa Ibom State.

His result was the first Senatorial District Election Result in Nigeria to be declared by INEC. At that point, the Returning Officer announced live on AIT that Godswill Akpabio, having won the Senatorial Election, is returned elected to represent AKWA IBOM NORTH EAST which is UYO SENATORIAL DISTRICT, he hurriedly drew the the attention of the Returning Officer to the error in the full glare on TV whereas any smart viewer would notice that the Returning Officer was reading from the INEC Document in his hand.

[Note: AIT thereafter hurriedly deleted the video on their Channel’s YouTube account].

At the floor of the Senate when he was inaugurated, it was highly announced as Godswill Akpabio, Senator Akwa Ibom North East, he shouted, NOT Akwa Ibom North East but Akwa Ibom North West. The Senate Officer who made the announcement didn’t make mistake because he was using INEC document containing the list of elected senators as submitted by INEC Abuja.

Yesterday at the Tribunal, to the amazement of his lawyers, INEC witness from Abuja submitted a Certified True Copy of the nomination form Akpabio filled. Lo and behold, Akpabio filled the form for Uyo Senatorial District.

Before now, after Okori’s petition to tribunal, Akpabio bribed corrupt INEC Clerical Officer to make a statement on oath that he made mistake himself.

What Nigerians and myself want to see is how the ‪#‎Tribunal‬ will be fair and remove Akpabio as the duly elected Senator for IKOT EKPENE SENATORIAL DISTRICT which is AKWA IBOM NORTH WEST because he never contested election to represent that district.

In a Nutshell, PDP didnt fill any Candidate for Akwa Ibom North West Senatorial Election, APC Candidate should be returned Elected

Source: KillerPunch