Why Political losers in Akwa Ibom should now embrace Udom – Udonsek

Chief Sunny Udonsek, Obong Uforo 1 of Ibibio land is a strong PDP stakeholder in Onna local government area and Akwa Ibom state in general. He is among few recognised politicians in Onna who contributed immensely to the successful election of governor-elect, Udom Emmanuel during the just concluded 2015 general elections. In this interview he expressed his opinion on why he supported Udom Emmanuel, his expectation of the President-elect, and other issues .   


By Chioma Onuegbu

WHAT do you say about allegation that the governorship election in the state was massively rigged?

They are mere speculations and it is normal in every political contest. But my question remains that if those people saying that the governorship election was rigged had won will they be saying that the same thing today that the election was rigged? Akwa Ibom State is a PDP state, and even if the conduct fresh election in the state for over ten times, PDP will still win. So I will advise those that lost out in the elections to shelve their grievances, they should be able to come together in the spirit of patriotism and join hands with the winner, Udom Emmanuel to move Akwa Ibom forward, in the overall interest of the people of Akwa Ibom.

We are one people with a common destiny, so instead of all these talks here and there we should come together to see how we can develop our state, our people. In every contest there must always be a winner and a loser. And I want to also advise that the incoming administration, all contestants that won the elections should be able to accommodate everybody irrespective of ethnic and party affiliations, that way all these agitations and grievances here and there will stop. Every responsible government should be able to carry everybody along in the system. My advise is that nobody should be left out because the state is for everybody and Akwa Ibom is one.

How do you feel about the APC taking over government at the centre?

Well when you want to look at what is happening in the world today for instance in the United States of America, there are two major political parties in the system. Although I never expected the PDP to lose the presidential election, but one can always expect anything to happen when it has to do with is politics. Politics is a game, where you must have a loser, and a winner, so it is either you lose or you win.

Two major political parties in this case are the PDP and APC, so the expectation was that it is either going to be the PDP or the APC and what made the outcome of the presidential unique is that the APC won, and the ruling party in the spirit of sportsmanship conceded defeat. However I am assuring you that the PDP will bounce back. The PDP will still remain the strongest party in this country and in Akwa Ibom state. As a stakeholder I believe so much in the ideologies, policies and programmes of PDP and I know that PDP will spring back again come 2019.

How do you see effect of Buhari win on subsequent elections in the country?

You know in every system, you have unstable class of human beings, and you have those that are steadfast and very, very stable.

Subsequent elections

I can tell you that most PDP supporters and members in Akwa Ibom PDP are stable and we strongly believe in PDP, that is why you saw what happened in the election- the Presidential and subsequent elections, the governorship and House of Assembly elections, the people voted massively for the PDP and we won virtually everything and that is how it has always been since 1999.

I cannot talk for other states but all I am saying is no matter the government that is now going to be at the centre that Akwa Ibom state will continue to remain a PDP state, so the few people that defected to opposition parties in Akwa Ibom state are not stable human beings.   But I know that true PDP members are still in majority in this state. The senators, House of Representatives members from Akwa Ibom State are all PDP members and when the new government finally takes over I don’t see how that will affect Akwa Ibom. So long as we have effective representation up there, they will be able to lobby and get what we want. It is all about lobbying, to get what you want, so we have nothing to lose.

As strong supporter of Udom Emmanuel were you at any point skeptical over his victory at the poll?

Never! There was never such a time I doubted that Udom Emmanuel will not win with the level of preparation we made. Everybody saw it that the PDP was in control, people knew that Udom Emmanuel was in control, that he was going to win.

The reality was on ground. And as Chairman Board of Trustees of Newbreed Organisation for sustainable Development, we worked tirelessly to make sure that Udom Emmanuel is sworn in as the next governor of Akwa Ibom State come 29 of May 2015.

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