Chitika premium ads are a good source of online revenue in USA they work just like Google Adsense, They service ads and you get money from them!

Here are some advantages of Chitika:

Chitika works on a basis of referrals. If you refer a publisher, you will get 10% of what they earn for the next 15 months, that is if they earn a hundred dollars, you will get 10 dollars.Like this you can any number of Referral publishers.

Chitika ads can be put on the same page which are also running Adsense and Adbrite Ads, this is especially useful for webmasters who want multiple revenue sources from their blog or website.

Chitika is probably the best ad program after Google Adsense, as they have a pretty decent CPC.

But all is not rosy with Chitika.

Disadvantages of Chitika

You need to be getting visitors from United States of America or USA for the ads to work, they show up only when a USA IP address visits your site or blog.
So if you have visitors from the rest of the world, its pretty much useless.

Also Chitika services and shows ads to only organic traffic that means, traffic that has arrived through search engine keywords or referrals.
Direct traffic and Referrals from other sites do not work out for Chitika.

If You liked it, you can get Chitika: