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JAMB Result 2013 Checker

As JAMB Exam wined down, the next chapter will be the release of JAMB Result 2016. If everything goes as plan, JAMB result 2016 will be out in few months from now so learning how to check your JAMB result 2016 will be nice.

I am not sure if anything will change from the previous steps used to check JAMB result in 2012 but whatever may be the case we have underlined the steps that we have been using to check JAMB result before now.

Remember, checking your JAMB result 2o13 will let you know if you score above the general cut-off mark for university admissions. It is also good for students whose JAMB 2013 results will fall slightly above JAMB cut-off to make decisions about applying for JAMB change of course.

Now you can check your JAMB result 2013 score by following the step by step processes describe in the post.

First of all, there are three options you can choose from;
  1. Email delivery
  2. Phone delivery
  3. Print out the result

You should make sure that you have your JAMB registration number for your JAMB result checker.
Remember JAMB has three websites;, and but to check JAMB result 2013, you have to proceed to My JAMB Result website here. On the website follow the instructions and fill in all the requested information and submit the form.

You can receive your JAMB result 2013 in your email box, phone or print it out depending on the option that you selected.

Note: There are some results that will be withheld so if you did not get your JAMB Result 2013, you can contact JAMB office through their contact information or you can drop a message here, may be other people can help you out with the issue.

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