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 WhatsApp Web in Android

What is WhatsApp Web in Android? WhatsApp has now been available on the web thereby allowing you to use one WhatsApp account simultaneously on different devices without having to hack it. In this article, there is a way in which you can use WhatsApp account on your smartphone, iOS, and PC at the same time. Although there are some limitations to this service the benefits are too much to see the limitations. It has been discovered that the WhatsApp web can only be used on google chrome. Therefore you must have a google chrome app on the device you want to use.

WhatsApp Privacy on The Web

Through research, a little bug has been found on the WhatsApp web. This bug allows strangers to completely view your profile although you choose to hide it. Like you very well know, WhatsApp is an instant, simple, and reliable messaging app on smartphones. According to WhatsApp, they keep the profile of their clients hidden from strangers. This is also not a cause for alarm as the can only see your profile pic. If you are using the updated WhatsApp web version on the updated WhatsApp, then you are completely secure. This is a reason for you to update your WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Web for PC

The WhatsApp web for PC is an app and at the same time also a website through which you can sync your WhatsApp account including your chat to your PC. The app which allows this on PC was not available until recently. In case you do not have the app you can use your google chrome to do this.
WhatsApp Web on Android

The WhatsApp web on android is a feature that accompanies the latest WhatsApp application on the google play store. If you do not find this feature on your WhatsApp, you can download it manually from google play store or the iOS store. WhatsApp web also has a private app that lets you connect your WhatsApp account to your PC and download status updates. Using only WhatsApp, it is highly impossible to download a status update.
How to Connect WhatsApp Web on Android and WhAtsapp Web on PC

It is an easy step to take when it comes to connecting your WhatsApp account to your WhatsApp web on PC. Follow the steps below to do so;
Open WhatsApp on your phone, and then open the WhatsApp web app on your PC or navigate to web.whatsapp.com.
From your phone, hit the menu icon on the chat page.
Select the WhatsApp web.

Scan the QR code on the web page or the app to successfully connect your account.
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