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Do you know the meaning of WCW on Facebook? Do you want to know? Well WCW on Facebook means woman crush Wednesday on Facebook. This acronym started with twitter. It started as a way to tag post about women that a lot of people usually admire. In other word the acronym can be used to tag people whom facebook users find attractive on Wednesday. This tag is normally used so that people can find their post by using the facebook search engine to search WCW.

However WCW on facebook can also vary but the main term and why it is mainly used is because it means woman crush Wednesday. If you are a bit confused, let’s go on a tour. Let’s say for instance, WCW means wonderful crush Wednesday. Again WCW means world championship wrestling and so much more. But like I said earlier, it is mainly known on facebook as woman crush Wednesday. Now let us look at the conditions of using this

Conditions to Use WCW on Facebook

Using WCW tags on facebook can be very interesting and captivating, but there are certain conditions in which the users use them and these conditions are what we are going to look into. But before that, you should know that a WCW tag makes your post interesting and attractive especially when the girls picture you are uploading is beautiful. The conditions of which to use WCW tag on Facebook are;
When boyfriends post pictures of their girl/woman.
When people of all gender want to give a shout or appreciate people they consider awesome. It is also used for people who have always been there for them. Let us say for instance their mum.
When girls wants to post a picture of their bestie or best friend, particularly girlfriends.
WCW tags are also used on facebook when the poster wants to appreciate or make a girl/woman feel special. This method is commonly used by people trying to win a girl over or they just began their relationship.

That is it for learning how to use this feature. You can now start adding posts of women special to you or fall under the conditions listed above as your WCW on facebook. You can equally add men or guys picture and tag them as MCW, meaning man crush Wednesday, enjoy and spread the news. That is how you use WCW tags and its alternatives on facebook.
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