Spotify Free Account – Creating A Spotify Free Account

Spotify Free Account

A Spotify free account is one of the many freeways to access thousands of music online. This is really free. Al, you need to get started is a free Spotify account. With the Spotify account, you could listen to music from around the world. I can say Spotify is growing rapidly to become of the world’s biggest music platform. Now, a Spotify account can be used on a wide range of devices including Android device, iPhones, tablets and iPad. All these can be controlled on one main platform. This platform is the web. Every Spotify user can tell you of the exploits of Spotify.

Creating A Spotify Free Account

You cannot access an account you do not have. If is just like saying you want to log in to a facebook account you have no credentials to. It is very much impossible for you to access spotify without creating an account. Follow these guidelines to successfully create a spotify account for free.

Advance to which is the official spotify website. Note that this is a secured website, so beware of phishing pages.
On this page, tap the sign in button at the upper right corner of the page.
Fill the form that would be displayed on the new page with all necessary data.
Verify that you are not a robot by completing the recaptcha challenge at the bottom of the page.
Finish your sign up by hitting the sign up button at the bottom of the page.

After a few seconds, you would be redirected to your new spotify account. You would be logged in in the web. After signing up, you would be asked to download the spotify app that is compatible with the device you are using. Download and install the app to begin using spotify.
How to Log In to Spotify

If you have a spotify account, or you have downloaded the app, the next and important thing for you to do is to sign in to the app or web. Follow these steps to sign in to spotify.
If you are on the web, navigate to and click on the sign in link you see at the upper left corner of the screen.
If you want to log in to the app, kindly install and launch the app.
Also, if you are on the web or app, you would now see a login page. fill the form with your account details and click on sign in.

That’s all you need to log in to Spotify.
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