Sites That Pay with Payoneer. It is one big truth that earning money online is one hard thing and requires lots of time, but receiving your payment online should never be as hard as that! With all existing Sites That Pay with Payoneer, you can receive and withdraw your online earned cash and so on. Withdrawals and receiving payments work so easy and quick with these sites and that is why a lot of customers and workers out there look up to these Payoneer partners where they get paid faster.

Well thanks to the Payoneer online payment service that you can receive the money you get and earn online, you can get these funds directly to your bank account, as a way of local bank transfer or through your Payoneer account, if you are up to 18 years and above.
Do I Use Sites That Pay with Payoneer?

The Payoneer online payment service has been on the ground since the year 2005 and lots of users have been on the platform since then. Actually, I also make use of the Payoneer payment service since the year 2010, as it was the way to get paid since I worked online. And after a while, I just had to find Sites That Pay with Payoneer, in order to make things so easy.

Getting your payment is super relevant, and finally, I work online and found just the perfect way to receive my payment with so much ease. My income was no longer a digital means, as I could make purchases at stores, I could make withdrawals at local banks and I could also buy and spend online!

You too can get paid by Payoneer partners as these sites are called. And in this article, I have sorted these sites that are convenient and affordable to use. You should not have to wait any longer! And this is why I have placed the sites that can help you even when you request in dollars. You can earn your money and use it however you want.
Sites That Pay with Payoneer – What Is Payoneer?

Payoneer is one convenient and easy medium to get and receive your payments online and also get your money physically to. It is absolutely simple and easy! For you start receiving your payments, you have to get started by creating a Payoneer account. Now here’s how to create your account;

Enter your name, email address, date of birth and click on “NEXT”.
You also have to enter your country, address, city of residence, postal code of your location, choose your phone type, enter your mobile number, and click on “NEXT”.
In this section, you have to provide a password you can remember, choose a security question and answer, the country you got your ID card, ID card type, ID number, and click on “NEXT”.
on the next page, enter your preferred currency. The currencies supported on the platform are Euros and US Dollars.
enter your bank name, account name and number, add your Bank Identifier Code and “SUBMIT” your application.

Once your account has been created, you will find the dashboard on the kind of currencies you can receive your payment in. Link the Global Payment Services – the sites and programs that pay via payoneer. Link them to your account and get your payments. After your very first payment, you will gain more access to quicker payment and easier methods of withdrawals.
How to Link Sites That Pay with Payoneer to Your Payoneer Account

Do you know that you can send your customers or clients a payment request using your Payoneer account, so they can decide how they would want to pay you? It depends on your location, and you will definitely be presented with different methods to which you can receive your payment. The methods are;
Local bank transfer.
Payoneer account balance.
payoneer credit or debit card.

now here’s how to link the Global Payment Services to your Payoneer account;
go to and click on “Log In”.
enter your log in details and click on “Log In”.
on the page, click on “Receive” and click on “Global Payment Service”.
Make a choice of the currency you would like to receive your payment in.
Send your details to the client you want to receive your payment from and create the payment request.
Once you have done that, your payment will be sent to your Payoneer account.
List of Sites That Pay with Payoneer

Finally, this is the list of sites and program that use the Payoneer online payment service as a method of payment.
Payoneer ‘refer a friend’.

Join this platform today and get your instant payment with so much ease. Do not place a limitation for yourself, always remember that you can get your funds using Payoneer. All you have to do is activate the services listed above and you can get started. Enjoy!
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