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Shopify Reviews. Shopify Reviews are one of the greatest ways to promote a product sale on Shopify. This Online service is an effective E-commerce website developer that allows you to build, grow, design, manage and market any type of goods and product to the buyers (consumers). You can sell and distribute yours and products directly on your site, social media outlets, marketplaces online, brick and mortar locations and pop up ads.

About Shopify Reviews

The Platform is quite easy to use and brings more options for your marketing operations. To use you’re the website after creating an account, all you have to do is to upload the product you want to market, the product description, quantity and shipping orders. You will also have to include quality images of the product you want to market. Then you move on to selecting the marketing channels where you want your product to be listed.
How to Create a Shopify Store – Shopify Reviews

Before you can make use of the shopify website, you must have a store to be able to use it. Follow the instructions below to create a store;
Go to
On the forum displayed, click on ‘Get Started’.
Fill the form with the correct contents like your Email address, password and your store name, on the page you are directed to.
Fill the form ‘Tell us a little about yourself’ correctly. Click on ‘Next’ or ‘Skip’ to skip the form. The form is Optional.
A pop up page will be displayed, ‘Add an address so you can get paid’. Fill it with right information and click on ‘Enter my store’ button.

You will be directed to your store. You can edit and design your store to compliment your brand’s name.
Logging In for your Shopify Store – Shopify Reviews

You can log in to your store if you are already having an account on the website that was logged out. Follow the below steps to get you back on;
Proceed to
Click on ‘Get Started’ on the platform.
Fill in ‘Your Store Name’ on the form.
Then click on Enter my store.

You will be automatically taken in to your store.

Setting Your Shopify Store – Shopify Reviews

Setting up an online store is very easy, follow the instructions below;
Sign in to your Store.
Add your products.
Customize your designs. Edit your theme to fit your brand’s name.
Set up your Domain name.
You need to Set your shipping and tax rates.
Set up payments.

You can make your Shopify store public once you all are done with all of the over.
Shopify Reviews

Shopify is an app on your device store or Google Play Store, the review app allows you to perform various functions like adding a review form on your product page in Shopify. You can also add a review score badge to your collection page. These can only be done using Sectioned themes. Shopify Review app also allows you to add a review score badge to your featured product on Shopify website.
How to add a Review Form to your Product Page on Shopify in Sectioned Themes

Adding reviews forms to your product pages is quite easy, below;
Go to Online Store > Themes, from the Shopify admin page.
Choose the theme you wish to edit. Click on Actions > Edit Code.
Open product – template. Liquid. In the sectioned area.
Search for the area in the code, where you want your reviews to be displayed or appear. Search for the (Product.description) liquid tag to find your product description.
Below the code that contains the product description liquid tag, paste (<div id=”shopify-product-reviews” data-id=”{{}}”> {{}} </div>).
Then click save.
Adding Review Score Badges to your Collection Pages in Sectioned Themes
From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
Find the theme you wish to edit and click on Actions > Edit code.
In the snippet directory, click open product – grid -item. Liquid file. If you can’t find product – grid – item. Liquid, you can search for the above: product-card .Liquid, product – card- item. Liquid or product – block. Liquid.
Find the area in the code where you want your review score badges to be displayed. Search for the (product. title) liquid tag, to find your product title.
Paste the snippet (<span class=”shopify-product-reviews-badge” data-id=”{{}}”></span>) below the code.
Then click on Save.
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