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Shopify PayPal – Set up PayPal Payment on Shopify. Are you thinking of how to set up PayPal payment on Shopify? Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows merchant (Entrepreneurs) to start, build, grow and manage an online business. The site has so many in-built features and tons of apps. You can market and distribute your goods and products directly on your site and across many social media platforms, marketplaces online, brick and mortar locations and pop up shops. Shopify offers a site builder completes with hundreds of templates ready to go out of the box.

How does Shopify work – Shopify PayPal

Shopify is very easy to use and it offers 14days free trial, so the merchants can try the platform out to see if it good for them. The website has man customizable themes that can be customized with texts, logos, images and videos to compliment your brand’s look and feel. Then you upload the product you want to market, product description, Quantity of the product and the shipping orders. After which, you will also upload quality images of the product you want to sell online. Choose the marketing channels and the destinations you want the products to be listed. Once you are done with the necessary things you need to do your online store, you can start marketing your products with the in-built shopping carts.
Creating a Store with Shopify –
Shopify PayPal

If you are new and want to create a store, proceed to shopify’s website at and follow the steps below;

Click on the ‘Get started tab on the right side of the Platform.
Fill the form on the next page you’re directed to with your Email address, password and the store name you want to use.
You will be direct to another page ‘Tell us a little about yourself’. Fill the form correctly and click on ‘Next’ or click on ‘Skip to skip the page. It’s Optional.
The next pop up page fill the form ‘Add an address so you can get paid’ rightly. Then click on ‘Enter my Store’ button.

You will be directed to your store. You can now edit, change the theme, choose a domain name and start your business.
Log In for Shopify Store – Shopify PayPal

If you already have a shopify store, you can log in to it by following the steps below;
Proceed to
On the form displayed, ‘Enter your store name’. Fill in your store name and click on enter my store button on the bottom of the form.

Shopify is a very good solution for those looking to build an online store.
How to Open a PayPal – Shopify PayPal

You can easily sign up for PayPal in minutes, follow the steps below;
Go to PayPal sign up page, and then Click on Sign up.
Choose the account type you want and on Get Started.
Select your country. Enter your email address and create a password. Click on ‘Continue’.
Fill the form on the page you’re directed to and enter the CAPTCHA.
Then confirm that you have read the site’s User Agreement and click on ‘Agree and Create Account’.
How to Set up PayPal Payment on Shopify

Setting up PayPal as a default payment mode in the Shopify store is quite easy. Here are the steps to follow;
Open your Shopify store. Navigate to the Shopify payment in your store.
Click edit, in the PayPal section. Select Deactivate, confirm the deactivation by clicking deactivate again.
From the drop down menu in the Accept Payment section, choose your PayPal account type and select Activate.
Enter the email address for setting up your PayPal account, and then select Next to proceed.
Enter the password for your PayPal account, and click on Log in.
Read the permission need for allowing PayPal payments, and click ‘I Give Permission’. Once confirmed. Navigate back to Shopify Payments.

Your PayPal account has been successfully set up. Now you can collect payments for all the orders.
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