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Have you ever heard of the Quick Facebook Chat App? I guess not! This is not really one very famous and popular app, but you will definitely get to find yourself craving to have one when you know about it. The Quick Facebook Chat App is one very useful and helpful app that helps online merchants, businesses and online shop owners to enhance the quality of their customer care service and support. This amazing app brought to online business and online store out there has been designed in order to make available instant and live customer care support using the Facebook messenger platform.

With the Quick Facebook Chat app, you are able to;
Chat, communicate and interact with your customers and fans just like Facebook friends
You as an online merchant or online store owner, are able to see their Facebook wall and profile, so you get to understands what they really like, and the best products that are of interests to these customers
You are able to save their conversations in your regular messenger inbox, and chat with them whenever you want to
How the Quick Facebook Chat App Works

Once the Quick Facebook Chat App widget has been installed in your online store or shop, your customers will be able to send chat messages to your Facebook page or online store by jus clicking on the Quick Facebook Chat Window. Once they click on it, they will find the message box. They can then drop a message.

Once you both start the conversation from the quick chat window, the message will automatically appear on your regular Facebook messenger inbox, you can get connected to them, whenever and wherever you want.

Key Benefits of The Quick Facebook Chat App

There are certain benefits that are included in this quick chat app. the benefits are;
This Quick Facebook Chat app is just so easy to install to your store
You are able to adjust whatever settings you want and customize it you’re your color, size or whatever
It is just the quickest way for your customers to get in touch with you.
It also serves as a quick medium to assist and supports your customers and fans on your online store
Making use of this quick chat app is easy and hassle-free!
How to Add the Quick Facebook Chat App to Your Business Page

This Quick Facebook Chat app is just one that serves as the fastest medium through which your customers can get in touch with you. And from here, you can assist and support them thorough chats. Now without much ado, implementing this chat window on your page has got no much stress at all. However, before then, I would want you to know that there are sites and way through you need to install the Quick Facebook Chat App – this means that there is no direct way to get this app. so let’s quickly get started.

So for us to get started, I would like to direct you to the site where you can get this chat app instantly. We would make use of Beekeeting.
On your web browser, go to https://fly.beeketing.com.
On the page, you will be prompted to sign up for this site, before you can get started.
At the bottom of the page, click on Sign Up.
On the next page, enter your email address and your password.
Select your website platform and the website domain.
Next click on Add Shop.
Once you have added your shop to the site, you will be allowed to the chat messenger app.
Once that is done, click on Start Connecting with Your Customers.
Log in to your Facebook account and select the business page you want to implement the quick chat app.
Choose the page and that is done.

And it’s done! The Quick Facebook Chat app is not activated on your online store/page.
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