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Payoneer Card Registration is one activity carried out by so many users on the platform from all over the world. The MasterCard issued by the Payoneer payment service is usually used for transactions such as sending and receiving payments from other Payoneer users, from international businesses, and other websites that make use of the Payoneer payment service as a payment method. This online payment service enables its users and customers on the platform to engage in digital money transfers and online payment transactions all over the globe.

The Payoneer MasterCard is a globally accepted card used by almost all online merchants around and all over the world. It is used for making transfers, sending funds, making payments, making purchases online and paying instantly. This card just works like every other normal debit card that works at ATMs and POS terminals.

Do you know one amazing part of this card? With this card, you can have a free virtual US bank account and other relevant bank details needed. You can get your MasterCard anytime and make use of it at ATMs. You gain instant and full-time access to your cash anytime and anywhere!
How to Get Started with Payoneer Card Registration

Getting started with your Payoneer Card registration automatically means that you need to have a Payoneer account first! Without an account, you will not be able to apply for this card, as having an account is your only valid pass to this card. So, since you cannot have the card without the account, we need to look at how you can own a valid Payoneer account. Now here’s how to open your Payoneer account;
To get started, visit the Payoneer official website on
On the page you will find the “SIGN UP” button, click on it.
Once you click on that button, you will be directed to a page where you have to fill in an online application form.
On the form, fill in your first name, last name, email address, date of birth and click on “NEXT”.
On the next page, fill in your country, address, city of residence, postal code of your location, choose the phone type, enter your phone number and click on “NEXT”.
Create a password for the account, enter a security question and answer, choose your ID type and enter the ID number. Click on “NEXT”.
Enter your bank name, account name, Bank Identifier Code and other bank details. Click on “SUBMIT”. And you are done.
Once the account has been created, you will be notified.

Now you have created your Payoneer account, you will certainly have access to the Payoneer MasterCard debit card. This MasterCard is given to you when you apply for a Payoneer account. It allows you make withdrawals from ATMs and POS terminals that accept the usage of MasterCard. When you register for the account, you may be opportune to get it within few weeks, but you can keep on checking your email to find out if your application for the MasterCard has been approved. Once it has been approved, it will be delivered to the location and address that was entered during the registration.

How to Login to Payoneer – Payoneer Card Registration

Now without logging in to your Payoneer account, you cannot be able to activate your new card for use. There are absolutely no much procedures, here’s how to login;
On your web browser, go to
On the screen, at the top right side of the page, click on “Log In”.
Enter your Payoneer username and password, click on the box tagged “I am not a robot”
Log in.
How to Activate Your Payoneer Mastercard – Payoneer Card Registration

The process of activating this card is quite easy and hassle-free. Well this card requires activation for it to function well. The activation of your card is one process of the Payoneer Card Registration. All you have to do is follow the listed procedure below to activate your newly acquired card.
Log into your Payoneer account on
Go to “settings” and click on “Card management”.
Find the card that needs the activation and click on “ACTIVATE”.
You will be given on-screen instructions, follow suit in order to complete the activation of your card.

After your MasterCard has been activated, it is allowed for use. You can start using your card to withdraw at ATMs and POS terminals in your local currency. You can also use this card to buy items from online sites and merchants that accept the use of this card and you can make transfers and pay instantly!
How to Send Money Using Payoneer Mastercard – Payoneer Card Registration

Make a Payment service on this online payment service, Payoneer, allows you get connected with the global community by receiving and sending money between different accounts, all for free. You can use the listed procedures to start making payments from your Payoneer card.
Log in to your Payoneer account on
On you account, you will find the “Pay” tab, click on it and select “Make a Payment”.
On the next page, you will be given a short form. You have to fill in the details of the user you are sending the money to.
Enter the amount you would want to send.
Click on “Make a Payment” and it will be sent to other users’ Payoneer account instantly.

You could also use your card to make transfers at ATMs and POS terminals, it works just like every normal debit card!
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