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The Old Facebook simply refers to the previous versions and account you must have had and engaged with, in time past. Perhaps you lost hold of this account, or you lost hold of your details on the Old Facebook platform, and perhaps, you must have been in search of ways to recover it. Then this article is just the ultimate destination for you! But before that, I would like to state out what the Facebook media site means, for those who do not understand what it is.

What Is Facebook

In the aspects of explaining what Facebook is, it applies to both the old and new versions of Facebook. The only thing is that there are different features in these versions. So, before much ado, let us go straight to what the popular world’s largest social media platform is all about.

Facebook is a social media networking site that allows the whole lots of users to get connected to each other and interact with family and friends. On this same media site, you are able to send and receive messages, view and follow the posts and uploads of others on the site, like and drop comments on posts, post status updates, and engage in other interesting features and activities right on the app.
How the Old Facebook Began

The Old Facebook formally started in the year 2004, and its beginning was as a social media network meant for students. It was designed and introduced by Mark Zuckerberg and Edward Saverin, of which were also students at that time. This app was introduced for the purpose of communication between the students of the college.

And in the year 2006, this amazing app became open to just anyone, as long as the user is up to the age of 13. Since its existence till now, this app has been able to be in the lead amongst all other social media sites. It is currently known as the world’s largest, leading and most used social media sites, with over 2.40 billion active monthly users on the platform.

The success of th previous versions of the platform said to have increased due to its ability and functionality to reach the convenience and satisfaction of users, marketers, advertisers, businesses, and brands out there.
How to Create an Account Using Previous Facebook Versions

Are you interested in having an account using the Old Facebook instead of the latest versions? Then you can get started right now. However, the Old Facebook app is no longer available for download on play stores and other sources, but you can create an account using the website – not the main app. Without much ado, let’s get started.
Open your web browser in your device.
Visit the Old Facebook site on https://mbasic.facebook.com.
On the next page, click on Create New Account.
Next, enter your first name and surname.
Enter your phone number or email address.
Select your gender.
Fill in your date of birth.
Enter your preferred password.
Click on the Sign Up button.
How to Log in

Now you have created your account, you have to know how to log in to this account. Or perhaps you may be interested in making use of the previous versions instead of the latest version. Then you can log in to your account using the previous version. And like I said before, the app is no longer available, so for you to log in, you also have to make use of the website too.
On your web browser, go to https://mbasic.facebook.com.
On the page, enter your phone number or email address.
Enter your password.
Click on ‘Log In’.
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