Ok Google Find Facebook – How to Use

Ok Google Find Facebook

Do you know what Ok Google is? Or perhaps how to find Facebook using Ok Google (Ok Google find Facebook). Ok, Google is a simple Google search voice-enabled search engines uses to search Google. You see, With this simple platform, people who do not know how to spell or old people can now search Google and still find what they are looking for.

This Ok Google service can be used on Android devices, iPad and iPhones. Enabling and using this service also requires you to own a Google account. ‘Ok Google find Facebook’ is literally a term used to say use Ok Google to find Facebook. Again this service can be used to access the Facebook platform as long as you are connected to the internet. Life has simply been made easier with this service as you can search Google via your voice.

Advantages of Ok Google Find Facebook

There are so many advantages of this Ok Google find Facebook as it can be used to access the Facebook platform. You can use this service to;
Create a facebook account.
Login a facebook account.
Reply chat and messages on a facebook account.
Join conversation on a facebook account and so much more.

You can equally use this to find friends on Facebook and enjoy all the benefits of a Facebook account. It is quite useful right, and need I remind you, you can do all these with just one voice search. Interesting right?
How to Use Ok Google Find Facebook

Using Ok Google to find facebook is quite easy but can be challenging when the right tools are nit in place. Like I mentioned earlier, you need a Google account to use this service. Also you need to have a smart phone that you are sure uses OK Google. Now once those things are in place;
Boot your android device and wait to make sure everything is in place.
If everything is in place, then you can say Ok Google or tap the home button on your device.
Use your voice and say find facebook or facebook and wait for the results.
Click on the facebook URL or any other facebook one depending on where you want to visit.

That is it for that. Now bear in mind that if you want visit the official facebook homepage, you will have to click on the URL saying www.facebook.com.
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