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I am very well sure that most of you have heard of the messenger application for mobile. Sorry to say, if you haven’t then you re outdated. The Facebook Messenger application for mobile is like one of the biggest breakthroughs Facebook ever made. The availability of this app brought about the Facebook stories we all know today. These Facebook stories were more like a way to get status updates about friends that you would normally see on your Facebook news feed. But the Facebook messenger applications for Android does not give you access to the Facebook news feed that is why the Facebook stories evolved.

What You Can Do With the Facebook Messenger Application for Android

The Facebook messenger application for android comes with a lot of features. I mean there is a whole lot more you can do than just texting and viewing stories. Facebook messenger application give you access to make both video and voice calls for free. The only cost for this is the data that would be spent. The Facebook messenger application for mobile also helps you send voice notes to your friends and any other person you have contact with.

How to Get the Facebook Messenger Application for Mobile

You can easily get the Facebook messenger app for mobile devices from the google play store or any other virtual store on your device. To install the Facebook instant messenger from the google play store on your device,
Launch the google play store from your mobile device.
Use the search bar to search for search for “Facebook messenger”.
A result page would now be displayed, from the result page, click the first result.
Wait for the app page to be loaded and click the install button to start downloading the app.

When the app finish downloading, the installation process would instantly begin. After installation, you can now launch the app and log in. After logging in, you can use any of the Facebook messenger features you wish to use.
How to Sign In To the Facebook Messenger

You can sign in to Facebook messenger using your Facebook account. This is required because facebook messenger is an extension of Facebook. You can create a Facebook account using any of the Facebook apps or a web browser. I am so sorry I cannot list out the step here. To sign in to Facebook messenger,
Launch the messenger app.
A new screen would now be displayed, fill the log in form you see with your Facebook account details.
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