How To Delete Facebook Account

How To Delete Facebook Account

Facebook like other social media sites offers a platform to make new friends, stay connected with old ones and of course with family. In spite of all its perks, Facebook can also be disadvantageous in some ways. For one, it is known for its addictive tendencies(again, like most other social media sites) and no addiction is ever healthy.

For some reason, you could decide to delete your Facebook account. Reasons could stem from addiction, security issues or interference with other aspects of your daily routine. Whatever your reason(s), I’m sure they outweigh by far how drastic Facebook account deletion may seem. This post offers a guide on how to delete your Facebook account.
How To Download A Copy of Your Data

It is often wise to first backup your Facebook data before actual account deletion. You may have used the account for a long time and had made memories you would want to hold on to. It’s only fair.

To download your information off of Facebook, follow the steps below.
Click the downward facing arrow on the top right corner of any Facebook page.
Select “Settings”.
Click on the link that reads, “Download a copy of your Facebook data”

Now that your data has been backed up, you can proceed to delete your account without a care in the world.
Facebook Account Deletion: The Steps
Visit the Facebook account deletion site via;
Click the “Delete my account” button.

You’ll be requested to input your login password at this point. Do that and follow the instructions that follow to get your Facebook account successfully deleted.

Now your friends will no longer see your information on Facebook even if they initiate search your name specifically.

Note that it takes 90 days for Facebook to completely erase all your data, so desist from accessing your Facebook account either through the mobile app or Facebook website as this will void the deletion and restore your account.
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