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How To Delete All Post On Facebook: If you've been making use of Facebook for years opportunities are you have actually uploaded on your Facebook timeline extra times compared to you can bear in mind! This can be irritating if one day you choose you want to erase all your Facebook posts from your timeline and recognize there is no way to do it! Facebook states that they do not provide an option for this so unless you begin deleting your Facebook posts on your timeline individually you have no way to obtain rid of all your Facebook posts!

Anyhow, that is the Facebook variation of the reality! In truth, there are a number of applications to remove all your Facebook posts from your timeline in one go-- regrettably not all them work though! I have actually examined lots of Chrome apps to erase all my Facebook posts from my timeline in bulk throughout the past three years however none of them actually worked. I made a decision to put the whole point to rest and also I assumed I would never have the ability to delete all my Facebook posts wholesale. Rather, I also ended up erasing my Facebook account entirely 2 years earlier!

How To Delete All Post On Facebook

The best ways to Erase All Your Facebook Posts

The Social Book post Manager application has so far had 23,888 testimonials, most of which ready. The application has a score of 4.5 celebrities out of 5, which is respectable, although there are some risks which you need to watch out for. I hope this post will assist you survive those and also you will certainly likewise handle to delete all your Facebook posts from your timeline in bulk.

First off, you simply should mount the app in the Chrome store as well as allow it in the Chrome extensions setups. When you have installed the Facebook post deleter app, a tiny icon will show up in the top right corner of your chrome. It will look something similar to this symbol:.

If you see this icon go and also log into your Facebook account and browse to the "Task Log". You will certainly locate this in the leading right corner of Facebook after click on the little down directing triangular.

Utilizing The Social Publication post Supervisor App

When you came down on your Facebook activity log page click the Social Book post Supervisor symbol in Chrome. If you are not on your Facebook task log page the drop down food selection will certainly not show up. Rather, it will certainly be an error message routing you the activity log.

Anyways, if you've done it correctly this is exactly what you will certainly see:

Here you will need to select the year and also months you wish to delete from your Facebook timeline. If you want to remove annually and also each month from your Facebook timeline, then click "Select All" in the drop-down menu for all the years as well as months. In my experience it is far better to un-tick package "Uncheck if you do not should sneak peek the result on display" as it simply add an unneeded step to the process.

Next, click the rate drop-down menu and choose the slowest speed, which is 0.25. To be 100% honest I aren't sure what the various speeds imply, but when I attempted at 4x, or other rate it did not erase all my posts from my Facebook timeline. So do the slowest speed and after that click "Delete".

If you wish to be sure it functions, set your computer aside and don't click anywhere at all as that can cause the program to quit working. Basically, if you intend to erase all your Facebook post for numerous years, it is probably best to establish the app up before supper and after that leave it to run the rounds. Ideally by the time you've ended up dinner it will certainly have removed all your Facebook posts from your timeline in bulk.

Hiding Sorts And Also Invitations From Your Facebook Timeline

The following action is after that to conceal all the tags, invitations, likes and more from your Facebook timeline. This you can attain by doing whatever similarly I have actually just discussed yet as opposed to clicking "Erase" click "Hide/Unhide". Once again, most likely best to establish the rate at the lowest feasible to guarantee it functions correctly.

The more posts you have on your Facebook timeline the longer it will certainly take the Social Publication post Supervisor application to remove whatever, so just be patient. It functioned like a treat for me and also it removed 2.5 years of posts, suches as and invitations from my Facebook profile. Thinking about that this is a complimentary app which Facebook is completely unhelpful when it concerns removing posts wholesale I think this an outstanding app as well as even more individuals ought to understand about it. So if you liked this review and it helped you erase your Facebook posts please share this with your good friends and also help them protect their personal privacy and identity.

Cautions Prior To You Continue

If you use this application you will certainly delete all your Facebook posts from your timeline wholesale! This indicates you will not have the ability to obtain them back so only do this is you are sure you wish to erase all your Facebook posts!

Also, I take no duty if anything goes wrong or you remove something on your Facebook timeline which you intended to maintain.
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