How To Change My Password On Facebook

Facebook like every other social media site requires the use of password for access to accounts as a measure to ensure account security. Provision is even made to allow you change this password if you so wish or feel the current one has been compromised.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have to change your password, that can be achieved quite quickly and easily. This post serves as a guide to help you do just that.
How To Change Facebook Password
Login to your account.
Click on the downward facing arrow on the top right corner.
Select “Settings” from the options.
Click “Accoumt Settings” on the left column.
Click “Security and Login“.
Click “Change password“.
Enter your current password, them the new one twice, to ensure there are no mistakes.
Now, click “Save changes” to confirm the password change.

When next you’re logging in to your account, be sure to use the new password as the old one is now clearly obsolete.
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