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Hotmail news is something we can’t leave aside when talking about Hotmail. Hotmail news is used to guide every user on how to go about their account on Hotmail. Before we shed more light on what Hotmail news can be used for and how it’s beneficial to us, let’s enlighten you on what Hotmail really is. Hotmail is an emailing service which has been used over the years continuously. It is an emailing service owned by Microsoft. Hotmail is just one of the numerous services they offer.

Hotmail can be used to read, receive and send messages all over the world. One of the good thing is that you are not limited to just an Hotmail user alone, you are free to send to every user of any other emailing services such as Gmail and so many more. One of the Hotmail news which is essential and which every user needs to know is that in the year 2013, Microsoft made a great change, changing Hotmail to and also adding a lot of interesting features. When this change was made, it made so many users confused as they began to think that they had lost account since it wasn’t the same login server any longer.

The following Hotmail news below will be used as a guide for those that finds anything difficult in Hotmail ( The following Hotmail news is also some important news you need to take note of.
Important Hotmail News
Your account on Hotmail is still the same, what is only changed is the name “Hotmail” as it is now
You can link any of your accounts on other emailing service to Hotmail (
To login to your account, you are to follow this link
Your information which was used in Hotmail is still the same you need to enter once you want to login to
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