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Can you install the Google download Facebook messenger? If you can then your device is incompatible with it. The Facebook messenger is only compatible with devices with Android version higher than 4.4.0. If you know what I mean then there is really no need for explaining further. But the good news is that there is a way to use the Google Facebook messenger.

If you cannot use the Facebook messenger then you can try using the Google Facebook messenger lite. The Google Facebook messenger lite is very similar to the Facebook messenger but the difference is that the Google Facebook messenger lite is compatible with a broad range of devices. This is to say that the Google Facebook messenger lite is in facts a good alternative to the Facebook messenger.

Using Facebook Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app can be used in various ways but to access the full feature, you need to sign in toFacebook messenger using your Facebook account login details. This is simply because the Facebook messengeris an extension of the Facebook platform.t eh Facebook messenger is just to make texting faster and smoothly. The Google facebook messenger and Facebook messenger lite comes with many features. For example the emojis feature is one that must not be overlooked as it is used to show reactions and emotions during chat.
How to Download Google Facebook Messenger

This is pretty easy as it can be done from the Google play store. But before this can be done from the Google play store, you need to have the virtual store on your device. This cannot be done manually as it comes with every android device that is compatible. To download the Google Facebook messenger from the Google play store,
Find the Google play store icon on your device and click on it to launch it.
If you want to use a web browser, then follow this URL (
If you use a web browser the app page would be displayed. I cannot say the same for mobile devices as a result page is displayed most of the time. if a result page is displayed, kindly click the app with blue background and white lightening running through it.
Scroll down to find he install button and click on it to install the Google Facebook messenger on your device.

Wait for the app to finish downloading and you can start using it. For Google Facebook messenger lite, use the search bar on the app store to search for Facebook messenger lite. Make sure to click the app on white background and green lightening running through it if you see a result page from the previous step. Install the app and that’s it.
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