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Access the Gmail Account Inbox. A Gmail account is a very popular email service that was designed by Google and has ever since been on the increase in terms of users. This service is filled with thousands of users. This Gmail service allows a user to keep files of a total of fifteen gigabytes. The Gmail inbox can easily be accessed from the Google platform. This service also has its own website; this website is specifically for sending and receiving of emails. The kind of emails this mail service provider is able to access is called electronic mail. The electronic mail is very unlike any other type of mail you know before.

What is a Gmail Account? | Gmail Account Inbox

A gmail account can also be called a google mail account; the google mail account is a sub service f google. This means that anyone with a google account has access to this service. This service can be accessed through the mobile app, iOS app, or the internet as a whole. Ever since this platform was created, it has constantly been upgraded to give users a better experience with mail. Since electronic mail arrived there are different types of mail service around which I cannot begin listing out now.
How to create a Gmail Account | Gmail Account Inbox

Creating a gmail account is as simple as it sounds; there are steps you can take to easily open a gmail account instantly. To open a gmail account, follow the steps below;

Launch an web browser of your choice and navigate to
On the page you would be directed to, scroll down and click the “create an account” link.
The previous step would direct you to a new page with form fill the form with all of the necessary information and continue by hitting the next button.
On the new page you would be asked to add your mobile number for google to reach you. Make sure the number you added is correct, because google would send you a code to verify the user.
After you get the code, fill it in the required field on the web browser and finalize your account sign up.

This is all you need to do to get access to an electronic mail service from Google.
How to Access the Gmail Account Inbox

After opening the google mail account, the next step or question you would be asking is how to sign in to the mail inbox. Well that is very easy. You can do that by following the steps below;
Click the link that you used to sign up again
Now fill in our login credentials and hit “sign in” instead of “create an account”

Wait for a few seconds and your account you would be signed in to your gmail account inbox.
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