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Your Facebook friends list doesn’t only give you a knowledge of whom you’re friends with on Facebook, but also of whom you’ll be sharing your info (photos, videos, posts etc.).

The Facebook Smart List can assist you figure out these set of people. This feature even allows you the liberty of creating sub lists of friends you went to high school or college with.
Creating a Friends List on Facebook
From the Home page, maneuver to view the appropriate side of the web page for the News Feed menu.
Click the downward facing arrow to enlarge the News Feed menu.
Click the “See All” link below to get it enlarged once again. You should be brought to a list of all the different ways to check out your News Feed, which comprises only of particular kinds of stories.
Click “Manage Lists“. This will reveal the Manage Lists page.
Click the “Create List” button on the top right corner.
Enter what you’d like to name this list as in the tab provided.

For example, you could enter “college friends” if you intend to include your college friends in the list.
Now, add friends you want on this list by keying their names in the “Members” box.
Finally, click “Create“.

Note that members of Smart Listings have the ability to sew the names of checklists, so you might want to consider what names to use.
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