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Have you heard of the free messenger app before? The free messenger app allows you to send and receive text messages from friends for free. This service is so cheap that you can now send stickers and emoji’s reactions for free. If you haven’t been enjoying these benefits then you need to step up your game and become constant on Facebook.

In this article you would learn all the tricks you need when you want to send messages on Facebook for free. I must confess, this service is really awesome. Trust me I use almost all the time when I’m broke. Also, note that this is not a scam but a legal way to use Facebook for free. To use the Facebook messenger you need an active Facebook account. This is necessary because this is the only to open the Facebook messenger app and connect it to Facebook. All this app does it to allow you to text your Facebook friends for free.

How to Open a Facebook Account

A Facebook account can be opened on the web for free. It can even be opened from any of the facebook apps. Another good thing about this account is that it can be accessed and opened by anyone from anywhere in the world. To open a new Facebook account,

Advance to using any web browser. If you want to use any of the Facebook apps, launch the app you want to use. On the app page, click on the sign up button at the bottom of the page. If you use a mobile device, the same thing applies to you. If you are using a PC just skip as you would see the sign up form on the page you would be directed to.
Fill the form on the page you see irrespective of the device you are using.
Click on sign up again and confirm your identity to Facebook. this can be done by providing the code that was sent to you by Facebook in the space provided.

If the code was correct, you would have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete your sign up. After completing the sign up, download any of the Facebook messenger apps from the google play store. This could be the Facebook messenger or the Facebook messenger app.
How to Use the Free Messenger App

The free messenger app can be used to send messages for free if you have an Airtel sim or a 9mobile sim card. To use the messenger app to text for free,
Put on your data connection.
Launch the app.
Log in using your Facebook account details.

After logging in, you can now start sending messages for free on Facebook messenger.
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