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Free Gmail Email. Popularly, you should be used to google mail, but free grail email is a new thing entirely. A Gmail email is an email account ending with With your Gmail account, you can access other many various Google platforms like Google AdSense, YouTube, google blogger and so much more. However, it does not ends there, you can use the google mail account to access Google applications like the google play store, Picasa and google maps.

Gmail is an email provider that can be used to exchange messages between people. Free Gmail email on the other hand is a free Gmail account with an email address that ends or possibly Yes Gmail is also the same thing as google mail because in some countries and regions is the only option they have to use Gmail. A free Gmail email account gives you a customizable inbox to experience Gmail at the best. Free Gmail email can equally be seen as a Gmail account that is if it is free and is an email service provider.

A google account is a username and password used to access any google platforms or mail required platforms. It is not required for a google account to end with or at For instance, your email address can end with or and still be used to access a google platform like google docs and so much more.
How to Create a Free Gmail Email Account

Now you can easily create a free Gmail email account. All you need to do is follow some series of step and you will successfully have a free Gmail email account in your possession. If you have been following what I have been saying, you would have already grasped some of the benefits of a Gmail email account. The steps in creating a free Gmail email account are;
Make sure your device is internet enabled and go to the google email creation page at
Enter your first name, last name, username and password respectively and click on the next icon. You must note that your password must be at least eight or more characters with a mix of letters, numbers and symbols.
Follow the instructions given toy you afterwards and you will successfully create a free Gmail email account.

The moment you create your free Gmail email account, you can send and receive messages from contact and equally customize the looks to your taste.
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