FB Messenger | How to Download the FB Messenger

The FB messenger is also known as the Facebook Messenger is an app that enables users on Facebook do instant messaging and also shares important and valuable memories with friends and family on the Facebook platform. The messenger is very unique and amazing, because it is only used as a messaging feature but can also be used as a business or marketing tool to reach out to thousands on the Facebook platform. It can also be used to advertise your business or market to makes your business known on Facebook. There are lots of things you can also do on the FB messenger.
FB Messenger – Importance of the FB Messenger

There is lots of importance the FB Messenger offers to its users on the Facebook platform. But lots of users on the Facebook platform don’t have a clue about this. So I will like to tell you the importance the Facebook messenger offers to its users.

You can send money to friend on the Facebook platform.
Make free audio and video calls.
Also make group chats.
Record a voice message.
Also play interesting video games.
Can also send map or location to friend.
You can send stickers to friends.
Switch Facebook accounts.

There are lots more you can enjoy when you are using the Facebook messenger.
FB Messenger – How to Download the FB Messenger

In order for you to get the Facebook messenger you will need to download it. And I will tell you how to download the Facebook messenger in a simple and easy way.
Access the Google play store in your device.
Tap on the search tab at the top of the page.
Type the name of the app in the tab.
Tap on search.
You will be shown results of the app you have searched.
Tap on the messenger app of your choice, because there will be lots of messenger apps given.
Click on install and the app will begin to download automatically.

After the app has finished downloaded, you can now install it on your device and begin to enjoy the FB messenger
FB Messenger – How to Login the FB Messenger

A lot of Facebook users want to access the Facebook messenger and find it tough to do so. I will tell you how you can easily access the Facebook messenger. Here are some tips for you.
Open the Facebook app.
Then fill in your email or phone number.
Type in your password and click on login.

Then you will able to access the Facebook messenger and starts to have fun.
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