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Fb messenger app is one of the best messaging apps you can find on the web. The facebook messenger app can be used on a wide variety of devices. These devices include Android, iOS and iPad devices. It may seem impossible for you to enjoy a good chat on Facebook without any of the facebook messenger apps.

The facebook messenger has a lot of messaging apps. All this app does is to ease chatting on the Facebook platform. This allows users to quickly send and receive messages. Before you can use any of the Facebook messaging apps, you need a valid Facebook account. This is very compulsory because it is a Facebook messaging app. I mean from the name itself you should know that it relies on Facebook for its services.

Facebook Messaging Apps

Facebook messaging apps can generally be divided into two. This is the Facebook messenger and the Facebook messenger lite. Both apps perform almost the same functions except that the messenger lite app can operate normally on 2g network. This is a very rare feature as only facebook messenger lite and Facebook lite has this feature among all the Facebook messaging apps.

How to Get the Facebook Messaging Apps

This is one question I asked myself when I wanted to download the Facebook messaging apps. The Facebook messaging apps can be downloaded from your device store which is the google play store or the iOS store. If you do not have any of these stores you can alternatively download it on the web.
Download the Facebook Messenger App from Google Play Store

Make sure your device is supported for the store and launch the app.
When the app is launched, you can make use of the search bar to easily find your Facebook messaging app.
To use the search bar, search for “messenger” and click the first result. If you want messenger lite, search for “messenger lite”.
Click the green install button to install the app.

After installation, log in using your Facebook account details to start using.
Download The Facebook Messenger App On The iOS Store

To download this app on iOS devices,
Launch the iOS app store.
Use the search bar to search for “messenger” or “messenger lite” to download messenger or messenger lite respectively.

Install the app on your device and you can now log in your Facebook account details. Once you are logged in, you can start sending and receiving messages instantly.
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