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You could easily create Facebook shops online if you want to. But there is a basic requirement whenever you decide to open a Facebook shop. The cost of the store really isn’t the issue as it could be opened for free without having to fill any credit card or payment details. Before you can create an online store on Facebook, you must be at least thirteen years old as that is the basic requirement for opening a Facebook account. Any Facebook online store cannot be fully accessed without a Facebook account. a Facebook account serves as an anchor to the store.

How to Create a Facebook Account

A Facebook account is the basic requirement I was talking about earlier. You can launch your own online store on the facebook platform for free today if you have a Facebook account. follow the steps outlined below to create a new Facebook account for free.

First you have to make sure you are connected to the internet. You can connect by putting on your mobile data or connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
Launch any of the Facebook apps you have or visit the Facebook website at www.facebook.com.
If you’re a mobile device user or a smartphone user, scroll down and click the “sign up” link you see.
On the new page that would be loaded, fill the form that is now visible to you.
After filling the form with all the necessary details, click on the sign up link at the bottom of the page again.

Confirm your identity and follow the Facebook set up steps to complete your Facebook account set up. Once you have created a Facebook account you need a Facebook page. The Facebook page would serve as the control panel for your online store. When creating the page, make sure to use the name of the store you want to open.
Creating A Facebook Page

You can easily create and set up your Facebook page follow the steps below;
From the news feed of your account, click the “create” tab. From the drop down, select the “page” option. If you use a mobile device, I suggest you click the “pages” option from the top navigation or replicate this process how best you see it.
Select the type of page you want to create from the new menu.

Add the name of your page and follow the on-screen guides to complete your page set up.
How to Set Up Your Facebook Store

Setting up your Facebook store can now be done from your Facebook page. Go to your Facebook page as an admin and follow the steps below.
Click the settings tab on your Facebook page.
Select “templates and tab” from the left column of the settings menu.
Scroll down to find the shop tab and click “edit” beside it.
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