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Facebook search people. Facebook search people is just a way of searching for people on Facebook. Yes, particularly, you must have already been a user to the platform. On this platform, there is a search engine and you can find the search bar at the top of any Facebook page. This search bar is used to search for things on the platform; this search engine is designed specifically to search on only the Facebook platform and nowhere else.

Create a Facebook account

Without a Facebook account, you cannot use the Facebook search engine. To create a Facebook account;
Go to the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com.
On the official website, click on the icon indicating that you should create a new account. However if there is any account logged in on the device before, you will have to log it out.
Enter your personal information into the required fields and click on the next or continue icon.
Enter your contact info and confirm it. Once you confirm your contact info, you will be automatically logged in to your Facebook account.

That is it for creating a Facebook account. Now to using Facebook search people to search for people.

Using Facebook Search People to Search for Friends

This step is very easy as all you need to do is use the search for the person the normal way you search for things on any platform. However if you are confused, log in to your Facebook account on the official Facebook website and wait for the page to fully load. Once the page loads, click on the search bar and enter the name of the person you want to search. Click on the search icon and you will be displayed a result shortly. Now from the results page, click i=on the icon at the top saying people. Once you click on the people icon, you will be given results on only people who are on the platform.
How to login Facebook

Like I said you will need to login Facebook to use the Facebook search people. To login your Facebook account;
Visit the official Facebook website at www.facebook.com.
On the website, enter your login details and click on the login button.

It is as easy as that. Also you can login from any Facebook app at all using the same procedures. The Facebook app will better your navigation and increase your experience with the platform.
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