Facebook Post Delete – How to Delete a Facebook Post

Facebook Post Delete

Do you frequently post on facebook? If yes then you might have mistakenly posted something you do not want on facebook. Now after posting such items, the next thing that will come to your mind will be how to delete these posts. Well, that is what the Facebook post delete function helps you do. With the Facebook post delete platform, you can easily find and delete permanently any post you do not like on facebook so they no longer show on your device anymore.

How to Create A Facebook Account

Before you can delete any [post on facebook, you must first make sure that you have a facebook account that you have posted on before. Now the problem is that if you do ot have a facebook account, meaning you can’t post and if you can’t post, you can’t find any post to delete. You can use the steps below to learn how to create a facebook account.

Visit the official facebook website at www.facebook.com. Now locate and click on the create new account button if you do not already have a facebook account signed in the device. If there is a facebook account there, then log out and click the “create new account button”.
Add your details such as your name, your username, phone number and password.

Confirm your details and you have successfully created you very own facebook account.
Facebook Post Delete Procedures

Now that you have a facebook account, make sure you have a post that you want to delete. If you do not have one, you can simply post one after you log in your facebook account. To login your facebook account, visit the official facebook website at www.facebook.com. Enter your login and details and click on login. Once you are on the website, you can now add your post. Once the post is added; you can delete it using the following procedures.
Go to your timeline. You can go to your timeline by clicking your picture on any facebook page.
Find and select the post you want to delete, then click on the men or more icon you will find on top of it.
Click on delete and then confirm if you really want to delete the post by clicking on delete again.

That is it; the moment you click the delete link again your post will be automatically deleted from your timeline.
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