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Facebook Messenger Free Download

People are asking on the internet today if Facebook Messenger Free Download is real. Yes, the Facebook Messenger app is totally free and also easy to use. I love the Facebook messenger because of it easy to use. On this article, I will be telling you all you need to know about the Facebook Messenger free download, how to sign in to messenger app and many more.

About the Facebook Messenger Free Download

Facebook Messenger is a messaging website and platform that allows users to send and receive Facebook messages, share videos and photos, send emojis or stickers to other chats, share voice notes and you can make video and audio calls for free on the Facebook website. You can also react to chats or user’s status uploads. Facebook is a platform that permits users to have and maintain a friend list, watch short videos. Post comments, share photos and videos for free. Facebook messenger is recommended for all the social media fans, the Facebook messenger platform have a lot to offer. You can play games and compete with other friends. Share your location with your friends and families, send and receive money on the Facebook Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger Free Download
Go to the app store of your device.
Search for the “Messenger” application by using the search box.
Hit on the first result on the result list displayed and click on the download tab.

The Facebook messenger will be downloaded to your device immediately if there is a good data connection.
Signing in to Facebook Messenger App

After downloading the Facebook messenger free app on your device. The next step is signing in to the messenger account. You can sign in with your Facebook account or your mobile number. Follow the guidelines below;
Open the Facebook messenger on your device.
If you have Facebook app that the account is logged in, the messenger app will automatically collect the information on you your Facebook account to log you in.
You can also sign in manually by typing in your Facebook login details and click on “Sign in”.
You can also sign in with your mobile number.

Sign in to Facebook with steps above and start chatting with your Facebook friends.
How to start a Facebook messenger conversation

Starting a Facebook messenger conversation is really easy. Open the messenger app, find and tap on the name of the person you’d like to chat with and hit on the text box below to type and send a message to your friend.
Making Video and Audio calls on Messenger

Follow the steps below to start a video or audio chat with your Facebook messenger friends for free;
Tap on the conversation you want to make the video or audio call with.
Tap on the “Video” tab at the top to video chat or tap on the “Call” sign at the top to audio call the person.
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