Facebook Insight – All You Need to Know

Facebook insight is one powerful tool to use when you create a Facebook fan page. Facebook insights help Facebook users to track interactions on their Facebook pages. This page or feature as you would call it is only available to Facebook page admins. In other words, you must have a Facebook page (it can be a fan page or a business page) before you can get access to Facebook insights.

What Facebook insight does is to give you analytics of your Facebook page to help you understand what your fans are interested in. using this amazing feature you can determine the best time to make a post, and even the time you have more visitors on your page. This is more like a website analytics on Facebook. Facebook insights also help those who have an online shop track down their customers and all those interested in their products.

What You Need To Know About Facebook Insights

Before you can get access to insights on Facebook, you must have a page. A page can easily be created on Facebook and the good news is that this page is free to create. Also, you need to have a Facebook account to open the page. You can also be an admin of a page that you didn’t create but that is if the owner of the page decides to do so. There are basically two ways to become the admin of a page, it is either you create the page or you are appointed.
How to Become the Admin of a Page by Creating The Page

The moment you create a page on Facebook, you automatically become the admin of the page. There are no other requirements that you need to meet before you become the admin. To create a Facebook page for free, follow the guides below;
Open you web browser and progress to www.facebook.com.
Log in to your Facebook account if you haven’t done so.
If you use a PC, find the create tab and click on it. From the new menu, select pages. If you use a mobile device, find the pages tab and click it. On the new page click “create your own page”.
Choose the type of page you want to create, add the name of the page, add a category for your page and follow the on-screen guide to complete your Facebook page set up.

After the complete set up process, you would be redirected to the admin page of your new page.
Accessing Facebook Insights on Your Facebook Fan Page

This is pretty easy after creating an account, to access the Facebook insights from your Facebook page,
Log in to Facebook and open your page as the admin of the page.
You should see an “insights” tab on a new menu.
Click on it.
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