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Facebook Game Center

Facebook is one social media that never want to stay behind; they are always working on new ways to make their users enjoy the Facebook platform. I love Facebook personally. Do you know that you can play games on the Facebook platform for free? Facebook game center is a service where you can find nice and fun games. It is a nice feature to showcase original games in different varieties of genres.

This is a social media where the users can share their activities, post comments on other user’s shares, post links. You can make live videos and invite friends to view. Watch short clips on the Facebook platform by other users. You can decide to share your post publicly, with a selected group of friends or family. You can also share posts privately with a single person. Facebook is user-friendly and free for everyone on the platform. Even the less technical minded people can sign up and use Facebook. The Facebook app or website allows you to maintain a friend list, and also choose the privacy settings to who can see your friend list. You can upload photos and videos on the Facebook platform for other users to view and post comments. Facebook supports business pages, fan pages and also group pages. Signing up is very easy.
How to Download the Facebook App –
Facebook Game Center

On the app store, Facebook is free for download. Follow the instructions below to download;
Launch the app store on your device.
Use the search box to search for the Facebook app. On the result page, click on the first result displayed and then click on the green download button.

After downloading the Facebook app. You would have to sign up for a Facebook account or sign in if you already own an account.

Signing Up for a Facebook account

To use the Facebook app, you would need to have a Facebook account. To sign up, follow the steps below;
Locate and open the Facebook application downloaded on your device.
Hit on the “Sign up” and fill in your first name, surname, mobile number or an email address and a password that you can remember for your Facebook account into the text boxes provided.
Select your birthday and then indicate your gender (male or female) and then click on “Sign up”.
Sign in to your Facebook account

Follow the steps below to sign in to your Facebook account if you already have an account;
Open the Facebook application on your device.
Put in your Facebook account login details on the text box and hit on “Log in”.

The account will be loaded immediately if the details are filled rightly. You can click on “Forgot password” if you don’t remember the password to reset it again.
How to Install Facebook Gameroom – Facebook Game Center

If you want to download the Facebook Gameroom, you would need a computer window and follow the steps below; On Facebook Gameroom, you can Play, Watch and Share Game to other users or your Facebook friends. Isn’t this social media wonderful, Making all it users very much comfortable when using it services. Thinking of how to get this wonderful social media Gameroom into your device. all you need to install it is a supported device. And it is made available for Windows 7 and Above.
Visit the web browser on your device and enter the URL on the search bar.
Proceed to www.facebook.com/gameroom on the page hit the Free Install Icon.
Select the folder on your device to Save the Facebook Gameroom. And it will be successfully Downloaded to your device
Click on the Facebook Gameroom.exe to fully Download and Install on your device
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