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Facebook dating group is a place where you meet attractive and exciting people that help you spice up your life.

Facebook is gradually updating its dating group to enable its users to enjoy long-term relationships and not just hookups. It has been designed with privacy and settings. Your friends are not allowed to see your profile and you are only going to be suggested to people who are not friends with you.

Last week I was having a conversation with a friend on Facebook she told me she’s getting married. So I was pushed to ask her how come because I know full well that she doesn’t have a boo not to talk of a fiancĂ©e. Guess what she said to me, she said: “all thanks to God and the online Facebook dating group, I found my perfect match”. I was so amazed, I never knew online dating could be so interesting and fun to have resulted in marriage. She actually found her Mr. Right on the online Facebook dating group…….This is becoming more interesting who could ever imagine that.

Ever since the Facebook dating group was said to be introduced, other online dating groups are finding it difficult because most Facebook lovers all over the world are feeling anxious about having a Facebook dating profile. The Facebook dating group is more efficient and reliable than any other online dating groups when it comes to relationship issues.

Facebook has been helping people all over the world to connect with friends and family, hook up with friends and also it enables the young individuals to meet their perfect match.
Why You Need to Know About Facebook dating features

The new Facebook dating features require interested users to create a new separate dating profile. Which can only be accessed through your existing Facebook profile instead of your standard profile.

Care to know how people are being matched on the dating group? Its simple, Facebook will make some recommendations based on the user’s interest and other data like your location, status, etc. You can also find possible matches by unlocking groups or events on Facebook. It allows you to meet up with other singles who have unlocked the same groups with events with you.

You don’t need a Facebook messenger app or a WhatsApp to chat with your match on the Facebook dating group unless you decide to or you feel like exchanging contacts or usernames.

The funniest thing about this app is that it is free. Facebook doesn’t plan to run add alongside the profiles and won’t use data associated to users dating profile.
Reason Why Facebook will make Online Dating Fun and Interesting again

I believe that Facebook will be a gateway dating app that will make online dating interesting for millions of singles all over the world, who have never tried online dating before. Singles all over the world will become so curious to see what else is out there and probably start using a dating site in addition to the Facebook dating group. Here are some good reasons;

Facebook helps connect about 100 millions of singles all over the world to the wonderful online dating pool.
Facebook shows singles in the same venue at the same time.
Helps users to update their relationship status.
Include users with the relationship status “ it’s complicated “.
Facebook shows how singles are connected to a perfect match.
Allows singles import their Instagram and Facebook events, photos, and interest.
Facebook helps to make search awesome and fun.
Shows recommended matches that are nearby.
Facebook indicates how strong a matched people can become.

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