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Facebook Chat messenger is one of the fastest ways of chatting on Facebook. Analytics shows that using Facebook messenger for chatting is three times effective than the web. This has brought a huge increase in the world of Facebook. I can boldly tell you of some people I know who no longer use Facebook but use Facebook messenger. The only fault with the Facebook messenger is that it does not show posts that would appear on your news feed but it shows you ads that would appear on your news feed. This has got me thinking, what are the benefits of the Facebook chat messenger.

Benefits of the Facebook Chat Messenger

The Facebook chat messenger comes with many benefits; some of these benefits are listed below,

Easy and stress free texting: messenger is very much like the normal mobile texting app we know. The difference between these two apps is that while Facebook messenger uses data for sending and receiving of messages, the normal texting app uses airtime. With the Facebook messenger, you can send messages and receive messages three times faster than the normal web Facebook.
Fast, easy and reliable voice and video calls: with the messenger app, you can now make voice or video calls with anyone. And the most amazing part is that you do not even need a phone contact. This feature is very efficient for business meetings online.

There are many more features that make this so unique but I cannot say all because of the time provided. Bedsides if I should list all it would get boring.
How to Get the Facebook Chat Messenger

One question a lot of people ask is, “is Facebook chat and messenger the same” the frank answer to this is yes, but there are some features you can access on the Facebook messenger that cannot be done with Facebook chat. Besides Facebook chat can only be accessed on the web version of Facebook.

To download the Facebook messenger app for your device, kindly locate the mobile store on your device and launch it. After launching, search for “Facebook messenger”. Install the app and you can now start using Facebook messenger.

How to Log In To Facebook Chat Messenger

Immediately you launch the Facebook messenger app, you would be asked to log in. to log in you need a Facebook account. Simply fill in the log in details of your Facebook account on the messenger log in form and click on log in.
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