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Facebook Chat App is the application Facebook users can use to chat with their friends and family on the Facebook app. The app includes the Facebook Messenger app. In this article, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about the chat app (Messenger app), it features and uses, How you can get the Facebook chat app on your device and also how you can sign in to the chat app with your Facebook account or your mobile number. The Facebook chat app was developed by the makers of the Fb app.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is an application that is used to send messages, share photos, and videos and also make audio and video calls with your Facebook friends and families. Fb messenger can also be used to share your location with your friends. You can make voice notes and send to friends, chat in groups. You can also show your reaction to a friend’s message with Emojis. On the chat app, you can challenge and compete with your friends to Facebook games for fun. The Facebook messenger is a must use for everyone social networking fan. It is exciting and fun. The app is free for download on the app store of your device. You can sign in to the Messenger app with your Facebook account details or you can use your mobile number to communicate with your friends and contacts.

How to get the Facebook Chat App

You can get the Messenger app for free on the app store. Open your device play store and follow the below guidelines to sign in to your Messenger app;
Use the search box on the platform to search for “Messenger”. On the result displayed, click on the first result.
Then hit on the download button on the messenger download page.

If you have a good data connection, the messenger app will be downloaded instantly to your device.
Signing in to Messenger

After installing the App, The next step is signing in to the app which is quite simple. You can sign in with your Facebook account details or you can sign in with your phone number. Follow the below instructions;
Launch the messenger app after installing it.
Click on the sign in with Facebook if you already have a Facebook account installed on the device. The messenger app will automatically take your Facebook details to be you signed in or you can decide to sign in manually by clicking on “Switch account” option.
You can sign in with your mobile number.
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