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Have you begun to wonder, what is Face Messenger? Of course, I know you must be getting confused somewhere and somehow. You do not have to get confused even a bit! It would definitely shock you to know that the Face Messenger is just the same as Facebook Messenger! Yes, that is just the whole thing. Now you see the reason you do not have to be confused about anything.

Now this messenger app is one popular chat messaging app that has got billions of the world popular going. But it would also surprise you to know that there are still people out there who do not even have a slight understanding of what it is. But this article of mine today I will give you a clear understanding of what it really is.

What Is Face Messenger?

Like I earlier said, the word Face Messenger is just the same as Facebook Messenger. The Facebook Messenger app as its name implies, is an instant messaging app that owned, designed and introduced for general availability by the famous Facebook app. This messaging app has got the functionality to send and receive messages, send and share live photos and videos, engage in voice and video calls, make use of stickers and emojis during conversations and engage in so many fun-filled activities and features contained in this messenger app.

With this app, you are sure to get connected to new friends, communicate and interact with other users available on the platform, keep in touch with close friends and family, and more.
The Main Features of Facebook Messenger

This Face Messenger app (Facebook Messenger) is just one amazing app that you would really love to have right on your device. this chat messaging app has got so many built-in features that you would find yourself craving to engage in soon. These apps have been designed and introduced for the convenience, fun, and satisfaction of its users.
Send and receive fun messages with your new friends, old friends, close friends and family. this app is just sure to build up connections between you and others.
Send, receive and share live photos and videos. With the built-in camera within the messenger app, you are able to capture amazing moments and share them on the platform.
Engage in group chats with other available users.
Make voice calls and face to face chats using the video call feature.
Post status updates and engage in so much more!
How to Download the Facebook Messenger

The Face Messenger, also known as Facebook Messenger is one app that is so easy for you to download and install. Once you have the compatible device and can carefully follow the procedures below, then you are just ready to get started.

This app is open and available to devices such as Android, iPhone, iPad, and Tablet devices. And for users who make use of computers and desktops, the Face Messenger app is not compatible with computers and desktops so you have to access this messaging service via the Messenger site.

So, for you to get started and enjoy the full benefits of this amazing instant messaging app, you have to download the app into your device. So, let us get started.
For iPhone, iPads and Tablets
Open the Apple app store on your iPhone, iPad or Tablet.
On the store page, click on the search icon.
Type Messenger in the search box and Enter.
A result list of chat messaging apps will be shown to you on the next page, click on the Messenger app and hit the “Get” button.
Next, click on “Install” and begin the download process.
Click on “Accept”.
Once you are done downloading the app, open it and log in to Messenger.
If you have a Facebook account, enter your phone number or email and password to log in.
If you do not have an account, then you have to Sign up to Messenger by clicking on Not on Facebook?
Enter your number or email and a code will be sent to you.
Verify your account with the code and add a photo of yourself.
Import your contact list to messenger, and any of your contact available on messenger will be available on your Messenger contact list.
Once you are done with that, you can get started!
For Android Devices
Open your Google Play store on your device.
At the top of the page, in the search box, type in Messenger and search.
Click on the Messenger app and hit the Install button.
Hit the Accept button.
Wait for the download to get done.
Open the app.
Log in Messenger with your Facebook account, enter your email or number and password and log in. And if you do not have a Facebook account, click on Not of Facebook?
Enter your number and provide the code sent to you, in order to verify your Messenger account.
Enter your name and import your contacts.
Now you can get started with your Messenger app.
For PC, Computer and Desktop
The Messenger app is not supported on computers and desktop, so you have to go through the site on www.messenger.com.
Once the page is open, you have to Continue to Messenger, with your Facebook account.
Click on Continue as “Your Name”
Enter your email or phone number.
Enter your password.
Click on Continue.
And now you are ready to get started with the Messenger app.
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