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Have you ever wondered how to download Fb apps? There are different types of Facebook apps you can find around today. Each of them has their own different features and benefits which makes them special. If you use any of the Facebook apps, then you would know the difference between them. First, let’s talk about the Facebook app. there are four different kinds of Facebook apps currently available as I speak now. These are the Facebook app, the Facebook lie app, the Facebook messenger, and the Facebook messenger lite. Using each of these apps comes at a cost as they cannot perform some functions that the other apps can.

The Facebook App

The Facebook app is the first app that was initiated when Facebook was first created. Facebook initially started as an online chatting platform. This means that it was web based until the arrival of the app. the web browser as well as any of the other Facebook apps give you access to Facebook without a web browser.
Where to Download the Facebook App

The Facebook web app can be downloaded from a lot of different servers on the web. The Facebook app can also be downloaded from the google play store by searching for “facebook”. On the result list, click the first result and wait for the app page to load. After loading, click the install button to download and install the app.

The Facebook Lite App

The Facebook lite app is very similar to the Facebook application. They perform almost the same functions but the facebook app loads more efficiently and faster. The Facebook lite app, allows you to upload photos on Facebook, message your friends, edit your profile, change your password and many others. But the one thing the Facebook lite app cannot do is making video and voice calls. The Facebook lite app cannot also be used to send voice notes.
The Facebook Messenger App

Facebook messenger app is one of the basic apps you must use if you are a Facebook lover and you have a smartphone that is supported. Not all smartphones can use the Facebook messenger app as the version of your device must be higher than 4.4.0. Unlike the Facebook lite app and the Facebook app, the Facebook messengerapp allows you to send voice note, make both video and audio calls. You can also watch stories on this app, but you are totally unable to view your news feed.
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