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Do you know the use of chat heads? Or should I say, do you know the use of chat heads on Facebook? ‘Chat head on Facebook’ is currently a trending way to easily chat with friends and family members easily. Chat heads make chatting more addictive, fun and interesting. The best thing about this platform is that you can easily turn it on and off depending on your taste. Als,o you must be used to the common habit of Facebook marking a message read after you visit it. Chat heads on Facebook allow you to read messages without them being marked as read.

There are so many benefits and features accompanying the Facebook chat head. However, you must first of all have a Facebook account. Again, you must be using a smartphone or a device of which the Facebook messenger app is enabled on. In other words, you must use a device of which the Facebook messenger app can be installed on.
How to Create a Facebook Account

A Facebook account has so many features and benefits. The Facebook chat heads is merely one of the numerous benefits accompanying a Facebook accounts. To create a Facebook account;

Visit the official worldwide known Facebook website at
On the website, visit the official Facebook website, click on the icon indicating that you should create a new Facebook account.
Enter your personal details of which you would like, to create the Facebook account.
Enter your contact information and equally confirm them.

Once the above steps are successfully carried out, then you will be successfully logged in on your Facebook account and by default on the news feed.
Turning on Heads Chat on Facebook Messenger

Turning heads chat on Facebook messenger can be quite tough. However, in the best and easiest procedure, I will give you a piece of well-detailed information on how you can create a Facebook account. But before then you must bear mind that you need to have the Facebook messenger app on your device first. Once the Facebook messenger app on your device, simply launch the app and add you Facebook account. You can add your Facebook account by entering the login credentials you got from creating a Facebook account. On the Facebook messenger app, tap you picture and you will be taken to your profile. From your profile, scroll down and tap on the switch close to the icon chat heads. It is as easy as that. With that switch, you can easily turn on and off chat heads on your Facebook account.
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