Best Video Streaming Service 2018 – The top 5

Best Video Streaming Service 2018

Have you heard of video streaming services before? Do you know the best video streaming service 2018? If you have then you should know that each of them has its own standard. These streaming services are one of the best alternatives to the DVD and digital download. Video streaming services come with lots of benefits. Of course, these streaming services are paid for. Every one of these services has their own paid plan categories. Some of these plans vary from each other. For example, some offer monthly plans and other yearly plans.

Best Video Streaming Service 2018 – What Are Video Streaming Services?

Video streaming service can be said to be an online movies platform that offers video streaming for real money. These companies started originally as an add-on television sets and DVD’s. These services can be accessed by a user on almost any device; all you need is your mail address and a password. This service is unique because it doesn’t cost much. This has brought a new revolution in the world of entertainment. Having said all these, here is a list of the top five video streaming services for 2018.

Best Video Streaming Service 2018 – Netflix

Netflix has risen to take this title as it is currently the best known so far. Although people say this service is more expensive when compared to others, but the fact is that the payment is worth the service. Netflix provides users with the ability to stream unlimited TV shows, movies, comedy specials and even original programs. There are a lot of movies to be streamed on this platform. The Netflix only charges eight dollars per month.
Best Video Streaming Service 2018 – Hulu

Hulu is the second largest video streaming service known. If you want to be updated with the latest TV shows and movies, then Hulu would be the best choice of online streaming platform to choose. They have a subscription of eight dollars per month. This price frame is the same with the price frame of Netflix.
Best Video Streaming Service 2018 – Amazon

This service is best for those who love shopping online. The amazon prime is one of the no brainers on the web. With only ninety nine dollars per year, you can watch all of the amazon videos and even more. You could watch some of the popular TV channels like Nickelodeon.
PlayStation Vue – Best Video Streaming Service 2018

The PlayStation vue is the closest you can get to a TV subscription. This is also available to a wide of systems. This service is a very good alternative to the local DSTV you know.
Best Video Streaming Service 2018 – Sling TV

If you love cable subscription but you think it is too expensive, you might want to consider this online streaming platform. This service only charges twenty dollars per month. When on paper, it sounds like an old versioned cables service but it is much more than that.
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