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Amazon Gift Card. Have you ever heard of a gift card? You may have heard of gift cards but perhaps you have no clue what they really are. And Amazon has introduced the service of providing its users with gift cards. Now the thing is what is an Amazon Gift Card? Amazon has actually made available the process of providing gifts cards for its users. They are able to get this card online as Amazon is an online store, but these users are then allowed to print the card with their computers.

These cards are mainly used to make purchases and shop on amazon, and they have no expiry date. So, this means that if you are an online shopper of the amazon store, you can get these cards. You can also get these cards as a gift for a friend or loved one. As they can have the privilege to shop for their own birthday present or whatever present they want as a gift.
How Does the Amazon Gift Card Work?

Amazon is globally known as one of the largest and most used online stores, where a whole lot of people out there are able to get whatever items and products. Users are able to buy and purchase products like clothing, electronics, kitchenware, books, videos, refrigerators, furniture, games, household equipment and so much more. And making use of these cards, users are able to purchase products for use.
About the Amazon Gift Card

Perhaps it is a friend’s birthday or a family’s birthday, you certainly would want to get something special for that person. But then you are confused on what to get! If you fall into this situation, then the Amazon Gift Card is just the best solution, as you can purchase this card for the celebrant. And this card will give that person to purchase whatever present he or she wants. It is just as easy as that! But you should note that the expenses are to be deducted from your account or balance.

However, for you to purchase this Amazon Gift Card, you need to have your Amazon Account first. Yes, that’s how it works. And not just for this Amazon Gift Card alone. If you ever want to buy or sell any product on Amazon, then you must have your account. and purchasing this Amazon Gift Card is not an exception for creating your Amazon account. this account is the only gateway to using Amazon.

Once you have purchased the gift card and mailed it to the receiver, he or she also has to log in to their amazon account in order to redeem this card and get it printed out.

How to Open Amazon Account – Amazon Gift Card

Now you know what an Amazon Gift Card is all about and how it works. For you to get this gift card, you need to have your amazon account and get on with the purchase of this card. So, here’s how to create your Amazon account.
Create the Amazon Account
Visit the amazon site on
Once the amazon page is open, click on “My Account”, at the top right side of the page.
In the drop-down menu, click on “New customer? Start Here”.
On the next page, fill in the application form. Fill in your name.
Enter your valid and active email address and type it again.
Enter your mobile phone number
Provide a suitable password of your choice.
Click on “Create Account”.
Personalize Your Amazon Account
Once you are done with the creation of the account, you have to personalize your account.
On your account dashboard, at the top right side of the page, click on “Account & Lists”
In the drop-down menu displayed to you, click on “My Account”.
On the next page, you will see a list of options, click on “Payment Options”.
On the next page, add your credit card by entering the details of the card.
You are also to add the address which the items will be shipped to you. On your account dashboard, click on “Account & Lists”
In the drop-down menu, select “My Account”.
On the next page, click on “Your Addresses”.
Click on “Add Address” and fill in the form with your address details.
Click on Add Address when you are done.
How to Buy an Amazon Gift Card

Are you interested in getting a gift card for your use or for a loved one? Then here’s just how to do that;
Log in to your amazon account on
Enter your email address and password. Click on Log in.
At the top of the Amazon home page, click on Gift cards.
On the next page, you will be given options on how you want the gift card delivery.
Choose the design and pattern of card you want, and click on Add to Card.
Proceed to checkout and enter the details of the person you are sending the card to.
Enter the address.
The payment details and place your order.
The card will then be sent or mailed to your location or the location of the person you want.
How to Redeem A Gift Card

If a gift card has been sent to you, here’s how you can redeem it using your amazon account.
Log in to your amazon account on
Enter your email address and password. Click on Log in.
At top of the page, click on Gift Cards.
Next, you have to click on Redeem Gift Cards.
You will then be prompted to enter the claim code, and click on Apply to Your Balance.
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