Airbnb Payoneer Card | How to Apply

Airbnb Payoneer Card. Have you made use of the Airbnb Payoneer card? Airbnb is an online platform that deals on getting people the right home that suits them. In other words, Airbnb allows its users to find a perfect home wherever they are. The Airbnb Company was launched in the year 2009. The Airbnb is flooded with millions of users all over the world. The population of users has grown up rapidly as users can now withdraw their funds with Payoneer. Now let us talk about how the Airbnb works.

Airbnb Payoneer Card – How does the Airbnb work?

The Airbnb can be likened to be an online marketplace which users can rent their apartments or properties to guests. The Airbnb take a certain percentage from every booking that is made. This booking is taken from both the host and the guest payments. The amount taken from the host is fixed but the one taken from the guests varies from a six to twelve percent. People love to use this platform as it is easy to use. The new thing about the Airbnb is that users can now withdraw their payments and make payments with payoneer.

There are few benefits to the Airbnb. Most people use Airbnb as a platform to get to meet new people who need reservations. While some others just want a place where all their needs can easily be met. The Airbnb portrays a simple to book platform which allows users to make bookings without stress. If you are a host and you already have an account with Airbnb then you can proceed to learn how to receive your payments with payoneer.

Airbnb Payoneer Card – How to use payoneer in receiving payouts

As at this current time, Airbnb allows users in some specific countries to use payoneer in receiving their payments. If you want to know if it is available to you, search for it when you want to add a payout method to your Airbnb account. Receiving payouts with Airbnb requires you to have a payoneer card and an active payoneer master card.
Airbnb Payoneer Card – Getting a payoneer account

Getting a payoneer account is really easy; you must sign up as a new customer with Airbnb at the official payoneer webpage or through the Airbnb payout page. After signing up, you have to request for a card. In case you do not know how to go about signing up with payoneer you could just follow these steps.
Follow this URL ( to go to the official payoneer webpage.
Click on the sign up link at the bottom of the page.
Enter your personal information on the new page and select next.
Key in your contact details and continue by hitting next.
Choose your password and security settings on this page, you would also be required to add your national identity card number.
When this is done, you can click next and complete your sign up.
Receiving Airbnb payments to payoneer

This process is simple. Once you have activated your payoneer card your payouts would be loaded to your payoneer account almost instantly.
How to reset your payoneer password

This is really an easy step to take, follow these steps
Go to the official log in page using the link above.
Click on the “forgot password” link.
Enter your mail address on the new page.
Confirm your mobile number to receive an SMS from payoneer.
Fill in the code and set your new password.

If you did not get a code, you can decide to get the code using your mail account.
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