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Add Money to Payoneer. Do you have a Payoneer account? Do you know what a Payoneer account is used for? And do you know how to add money to Payoneer? The question to you having a Payoneer account may be yes or no. but if you do not have a Payoneer account, you can simply create one after reading this article. In this article, there would be detailed steps on how to open a new Payoneer account. Before opening a Payoneer account, you should know the uses of a Payoneer account.

Add Money to Payoneer – What Is A Payoneer Account Used For?

A Payoneer account is an account is an online account that can be used to send and receive funds alike and from any country in the world. Payoneer is very secure and easy to use. For this reason, a lot of people around the globe trusts and prefer using Payoneer for international transactions. There are many more benefits to using a Payoneer account. A Payoneer account cannot just be opened by any commoner; every payoneer user must have a valid national identity card.
Add Money to Payoneer – How to Open a Payoneer Account

Payoneer accounts can be opened online by anyone who has a valid international identity card. This type of card is only issued by a country’s government. This is one of the things it brings. Security to Payoneer. This is a requirement for everyone who wishes to open a Payoneer account. Follow the few steps below to open a new Payoneer account.

Follow the link you see using any web browser of your choice (
When the page loads, you would see an option which says “sign up”, click on it.
Fill the form you see and continue by hitting “next” at the bottom of the page.
Repeat this process over and over again until you finish your sign up process.

That is the simplest step to take when it comes to opening a payoneer account. Having said this, it is time for the final step which comes to adding funds to the account.
Ways to Add Funds to Your Payoneer Account

Adding funds to your payoneer account is very easy, you might think that it is difficult but in actual fact, it is as easy as opening a payoneer account, you can add funds to your payoneer account through the following ways;
Through PayPal.
Through direct wire transfer.
Also, through card to card transfer.
Through payoneer loads.
By referring a friend.

These are all the methods that you can use in adding funds to your payoneer account.
How to add money to your payoneer account using bank transfer

Adding funds to your payoneer account using bank transfer is very easy, follow these steps to continue.
To begin, log in to the payoneer account you want to add funds to using any internet browser.
locate and click on the receive icon from the home page of your payoneer account.
choose “request a payment” from the drop-down menu.
select US payment service profile.
on the new page, you would be directed to, you would find information about your US accounts like bank name, routing, account number, and your account type.
write down every information and take it to your bank manager requesting the account to be funded.

Remember to tell the bank manager the ammount you want to be funded to that account. wait for some time to recieve the funds. after receiving the funds, you can see it in the “my account section” of your payoneer account.
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