Facebook Help Desk Support

Facebook Help Desk Support: Facebook help is created to assist every Facebook customers facing one problem or the other. The help desk functions in such a way that if you throw at them any question. They are ready to answer it just to make sure you are satisfied with the use of Facebook. Facebook has one of the best help desks around and that it is a plus to their status as one of the biggest social platforms. The time of its operation is 24 hours round the clock every day. There is something I like so much about Facebook help. It is the way it is structured such that you can also get help from other people who have the same questions to ask.

Facebook Help Desk Support
A lot of people using Facebook and they have problems on the process can visit the help desk for solutions. I will list below some of the questions they can help you with. In case your own is similar to the ones I am going to mention. Visit the Facebook help desk and you will find something similar, click on the listed questions which match your own. A box will come up, click on it and type in your question and click on send. After a while, you will get a reply. The questions are:
  • Recover Account.
  • Hacked or Disabled Accounts.
  • Report a Problem.
  • Technical Support.
  • Delete Account.
  • Something else.
I want you to know that Facebook does not have a customer phone which can be answered by an agent when you called. All you need to do is possibly email them if you can. Find similar issues and how it was fixed. You can follow three or more issues which are like yours, this will seriously help you. This can help in increasing the chance that another customer assists you in finding the correct answers to your problems.
How to Access Facebook Help Center

The best section to visit when you have an issue with your account is the Facebook Help Center. Users also refer to it as Facebook help desk as it’s where you get the best solution to any issue you have using Facebook. All you need to do is log in to your account if you want or you can also access 
Facebook Help Center without logging in to your account.

Once you are used to the platform accessing the help center is easy and open to all users 24/7. All you need is just a web browser as you can also make use of the Facebook app. Using the mobile app click on setting icon at the top right section. Scroll down and click on Help & Support icon and click on Help Center. But on a web browser, it’s much easier as you just need to click on the help icon on the footer. Or at the sidebar click on more and then Help.

There are some questions thrown to help desk which is of recent. We will try to bring those questions out and answer them accordingly. We are convinced it will go a long way in helping solve your own problems too.
How can I Confirm my Facebook Email or Phone Number

If you’ve finished your account creation, There you need to confirm that the owner of the email or phone number is you. It should also be the one you use in creating your account. In other to confirm your mobile number, a verification code will be sent to you through text message. Enter the code in the box given when you log in. In case you didn’t get the SMS, go back and resend it.

If want to confirm your email, there is a link that will be sent to you when you just created the account, click on the link in the email sent to you. In case you didn’t get the SMS, go back and resend it. When you confirm your email or mobile number, it helps us know that the account info sent is for the right person. Note that you must confirm your email or mobile number quickly. There is no way you can use the account without confirmation.
How can I Add Friends on Facebook

This is what you do when you want to add a friend to your friend list. At the top of Facebook.com home page, click on the search bar. Put the name of your friend in the search bar and click it. In case you do not see your friend, try clicking on People

If you want to send someone a friend request, click on Add Friend that is close to their profile picture. It is possible that some people may not have Add Friend which is close to their profile picture. This one depends on their privacy settings.

Facebook help desk is designed to assist and give customers a free and easy access to Facebook. Our article will guide you when you want to access Facebook help. It is rich and very easy to digest. With this, I believe we have done justice to this article.
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