Facebook Countdown Timer

Facebook Countdown Timer: You have the opportunity to promote a particular event on your Facebook page by including a countdown clock application, or app, to your account. This application shows an image of a clock on your Wall, and it counts down to a date, such as a graduation or sporting occasion, you want for follow. Facebook offers you access to various third-party applications straight within your account. Insert a countdown clock on your Facebook page to track the occasion.

Facebook Countdown Timer

Install the App

Action 1. Open your preferred internet browser, and check out the Facebook site at facebook.com.

Action 2. Login to your Facebook account utilizing your e-mail address and password.

Action 3. Go To the Timeanddate Countdown app at apps.facebook.com/tndcountdown.

Action 4. Click on the "Contribute to My Page" link on the left side of the screen.

Action 5. Click the "Contribute To Page" button to pick the page that you want use with the app, and click the "Close" button.

Action 6. Click the "Go to App" button at the top of the Timeanddate Countdown app page.

Action 7. Click the "Allow" button to let the app access and post to your Wall.

Develop the Countdown Clock

Action 1. Select an occasion by clicking on one of the tabs at the top of the screen listed under the "Event" heading.

Action 2. Type in the name of the occasion in the "Middle Text" box.

Action 3. Select a time zone for your countdown clock in the "Place" box.

Action 4. Type in the date and time of your occasion.

Action 5. Select a color for your countdown clock using the "Presets" menu.

Action 6. Examine the "Wall Post Preview" to inspect that the countdown clock looks the way you desire it to look.

Action 7. Select the place that you wish to publish the countdown clock to under the "Post to" heading.

Action 8. Click on the "Sneak peek & Share" button.

Action 9. Add a personalized message for your Wall or Page, and click on the "Share" button.

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