How to See Filtered Friends on Facebook

How to See Filtered Friends on Facebook: Not all our friends on Facebook deserves to see whatever we are posting on the platform, some friends are just casual friends while some are real niggas, other may be frienemies. Friends categorization general depends on individuals Facebook users, you rank your friends, Facebook has some non-intuitive list tools to help you finely tune your groups of friends. 

How to See Filtered Friends on Facebook
To Filter your Facebook friends, follow the instructions below;

  • Head into your Facebook profile and click on the Friends button. Your Facebook buddies will display in a two column grid down the page, each with a little box next to their name that has the name of the current list they’re on.
  • Click on that box and you’ll get a contextual menu with “Add to another list…” option. Click on that and then either click on a list that you’ve already created, or scroll way to the bottom of the menu and choose “New List…”
  • You can sort all of your Facebook friends into any lists you like, and then use those lists when posting by hitting the privacy button in the lower right of your status update box. You can choose which list to post the status update to, thereby passing up all the other lists. 
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Now you have successfully filtered your Facebook friends into various sections which they belong, Kindly share this article with the Facebook real friends section (whatever name you gave it) so they can learn how you did it.
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